Bloodhound with a serious aggression problem

I have a one year old bloodhound that is constantly growling and snapping at family members and our other dog. We picked up our new bloodhound puppy when he was 3-4 months old. He was introduced to a home with our year old (now 2) Labrador Retriever. I have noticed escalating aggression from the bloodhound over the past few months. He is constantly getting into things he should not be and attempting to eat or destroy what he took afterwards. He will grab food from the table then run into a corner or under our table and if you make a suggestion that you will retrieve the item or even get too close to him he will start growling. If you get to close or try and take something from him he will attack and bite the person trying to take the item from him.
We have made every attempt to remove items he might eat but if it’s not food, he will run off with socks, shoes, books, and really any other misc. item we don’t put up. He has plenty of toys to chew on and we feed him twice daily. We have t

Asked by Member 1079307 on Dec 22nd 2011 in Aggression
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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

If you post this in the behavior forum on this site, we will be able to answer you back and forth. We can't do that on that on the Answer portion of this site. It sounds like he's out of control. Dogs go through stages just like kids. Sounds like he is entering the adult/I want to run the house hold stage. You should try obedience classes. They would teach you how to handle the aggression. Is it only when you take the item from him? How much exercise does he get? Is he food aggressive? One thing I've learned is a tired dog is a good dog. Good Luck!

Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12) answered on 12/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer