are you supposed to give dogs peanuts?

i was wondering if i could feed my dog peanuts, or is it safe to give them to him.

Asked by Member 528035 on Nov 8th 2007 Tagged peanuts, dogs in Pet Food Recalls
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This is one of those "yes and no" answers.

On one hand, most dogs absolutely adore peanut butter and it can make a great training aid when given from a spoon. If you do give peanut butter, it's best to use a salt and sugar free variety because salt and sugar can cause issues in dogs. Obviously, it's also very high in fats so the intake should be limited. Feed it as an "every so often" treat, NOT as a daily meal ingredient.

On the other hand, actual peanuts aren't that healthy for dogs.

There are some types of nuts that are toxic to dogs, such as macadamia nuts and walnuts. Those should never be fed. Then there are types of nuts like peanuts and cashews, that aren't necessarily toxic but that have been linked to health problems, specifically bladder stones.

So when it comes to peanuts, it's peanut BUTTER yes, peanuts raw (or salted), no.

Abby answered on 11/8/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer