Anyone else having trouble?

Is anyone else having trouble with posts and gifts not showing up? I can't see my posts or anyone else's posts. This just started a couple of days ago. I'll go to the Plus Forums and I'll see the last pup who posted on the forum but when I actually go to the last page I can't see what they posted. I just gave a gift to a pup and the gift isn't showing up on their page!

I just tried to post this question and it said something like "The address for this question can not be found."

Asked by Member 930032 on May 9th 2011 in Other
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No, I'm not, but I don't have Plus. Probably it's your computer - my account and profile was all screwy for about a week and then it fixed itself. But maybe you could try posting this in the regular forums in hope that HQ will see it and fix it. Good luck!

Ellie answered on 5/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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