Any advice?

MY boyfriend and I took in a sweet yellow lab who's former owner was about to put her down cause she didn't want her. My man brought her home. She has been a wounderful addition to our family, which includes three other dogs. Well she turned out to be with puppies. She had them under the house. I finally after about a week and a half crawled under the house to check them out. What do I do? When or should I even bring them out in the open world (they are safe now), when or if do I put down dry food for them. When do I take them from mamma? Any suggestions for finding them homes? dont worry she is getting fixed.

Asked by Spike on Jan 22nd 2012 Tagged rescue, health, adoption in Puppies
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Bruno CGC


Get those puppies out from under there ASAP. Once their eyes and ears open, they need human contact. Socialization with people while they're so young is key to making friendly, well-adjusted adult dogs.

Pups will start to eat real food around 4 weeks old- make a slurry of dog food blended with warm water at first. Don't force them to eat, or restrict them from nursing if mom still lets them.

To find homes, you can list them on sites like Craigslist and Ebayclassifieds, and put up flyers around your area like pet stores, vet offices, community bulletin boards. Or you can work with a rescue, or surrender them to a shelter. It just depends on the options you have.

Pups can safely leave their mom at 8 weeks, they should be wormed and have their first vaccine at that time.

Get mama spayed as soon as she's dried up after nursing.

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