Adoption or Breeder application process?

I don't mind the application process just as long as I am given a reason why my application was denied. Again there is no 100% guarantee whether the dog is purchased or adopted that the family will properly take care of the dog. I raised a toy poodle from a puppy. I trained him and took care of him just like he was my child. I have a fenced in back yard and there is someone home the majority of the time with our work schedules and working from home. If we travel we take the dog with us or leave them with my sister and her family. I have no doubt we will find the right dog for us but I have the right to complain if I have been treated unfairly.

Asked by Member 1021274 on Jan 30th 2011 in The Adoption Process
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I work with a rescue group so I am familiar with some of the questions and expected answers. Every group has their own rules. If you were turned down for something that many groups find a "red flag" I would have to read your application answers to tell you where it went wrong.
Consider this was not the right dog for you and consider another rescue. There are plenty of nice dogs at other rescues that need homes too.
You didn't mention breed of dog you were adopting?

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