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My 5-year-old Golden Border Retriever only listens to me when I give him food as a reward. What can I do?

I didn't train him when he was a puppy, I got him half a year ago. He won't even sit when I ask him to, only if he knows he'll get a reward, like when…

ASKED BY Member 1231146 on 5/20/15
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What can i do if my dogs don't get along with each other?

We have six dogs i have four and my dad and uncle each have one. we have an 12y rat terrier male,a 6y beagle (both mine)female,my uncles 5y American…

ASKED BY zach on 5/12/15
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I have a small dog that is aggressive with neighbor dogs but not dogs in public places?

I have moved with an 8 year old small terroir from a place where she had her own yard to a shared complex with many other dogs being walked on…

ASKED BY Member 649793 on 5/12/15
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Can I take a 6+ week old from its mother for an hour or so? For introduction to other pets?

ASKED BY Member 1246281 on 5/8/15
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Does your dog refuse to eat, or drink when you leave home? Please share your tips?

My Brother's roommate has a dog who does this. Recently his guardian went on an overnight trip. I had to feed him chicken breast, and put chicken…

ASKED BY Kiara Crystelle on 5/2/15
IN Behavior & Training

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