Need help with a spotting beagle?

Our Beagle is about 5 years old. We rescued him when he was about 1 year. We moved into a new home 18 months ago. He was house trained in our previous…

ASKED BY Cooper on 7/27/14
IN Behavior & Training


We got llamas last month and my mini poodle (male)loves to roll and even dive in llamas poop. How to stop that behaviour?

I have to give him a bath 3-4 times a week and I'm scare to get him some skin problem.

ASKED BY Denver on 6/10/14
IN Behavior & Training

Lilly Yoko Garin

She'll only listen to one person.…

My baby girl Lilly is a wonderful doggy when she's with me. She walks well enough, sometimes she pulls and will jump at the occasional passing leaf…

ASKED BY Lilly Yoko Garin on 5/18/14
TAGGED alpha, beta, leash, walking, training, help IN Other Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Please read. Bringing service dog in training to school. Does the school have to allow?

I'm planning on bringing my service dog in training to school this Friday and I need to get all my info together. Can the school deny me and my…

ASKED BY Member 1127550 on 5/13/14
TAGGED servicedog, dogsinschool IN Service & Therapy Dogs

Guest Member Since

Urgent! My dog tried to attack me. Training? Rehoming? Euthanasia? Help?

My dog tried to attack me tonight. I was holding onto his collor, trying to get something from him, when he got extremely vicious. I've seen signs…

ASKED BY Member 1160770 on 5/12/14
TAGGED aggression, rehome, urgent, euthanasia, attack, trainers, redheelers, australiancattledog, dominance IN Aggression

Lilly Yoko Garin

Desperate Help Needed for Training my Corgi/Shepherd?

I need help with my one year old Corgi/German Shepherd that I am trying to train as my seizure assistance dog. She is either so skittish that she does…

ASKED BY Lilly Yoko Garin on 4/29/14
IN Service & Therapy Dogs

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My golden retriever won't stop licking. She licks everything from skin to furniture?

It's gross when you sit in a chair and it's all wet from her licking. We've tried the sprays that are supposed to stop chewing, but she still licks.

ASKED BY Member 819860 on 4/23/14
TAGGED licking IN Other Behavior & Training

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