Otis - Dachhund mix

I was hanging out the washing and normally he lays down at my feet but it was a very hot day and he just wandered over t?

I now tie my dog up near me when I'm hanging out the washing. However, that day was the only time that he has wandered away from where he was laying…

ASKED BY Otis - Dachhund mix on 1/17/14
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Guest Member Since

My 4 yr old Shiztu will put her head down and paw incently like digging a hole, but its on the bed?

My daughters Shiztu does the same...it it the breed?

ASKED BY Member 1158692 on 3/9/13
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Bruno Doja Piron

Dug a huge hole in backyard how do i stop him?

my pibble is digging this huge hole in the backyard we have scolded him several time and he keeps doing it. how do i stop him from making it bigger…

ASKED BY Bruno Doja Piron on 8/15/12
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Our puppy is digging down to azalea roots. She is not digging anywhere else. Any particular reason?

ASKED BY Member 1115751 on 6/14/12
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I have a two year old akit/belgian shepherd mix. How do I stop his digging?

Carter here loves chasing rabbits and cats while outside on a leash. There are wood chips on the side of the trailer for a flower bed and recently the…

ASKED BY Carter on 4/20/12
TAGGED belgianshepherd, akita, digging, outside, cats, rabbits IN Digging

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