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I have a staffy from the rspca, she nibbles/bites when people come and when we leave her she pulls and chews things?

My dog is 4 years old now she is a staffy cross with a labardor. when people visit she jumps and nibbles/bites them however it doesnt hurt only for…

ASKED BY Member 1152103 on 1/27/13
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I adopted a medium size beagle, but she is not house trained?

Trixie is her name, she is 2 years old. She does pee outside, but it is cold outside now. She pees in the house on our rug, can you please give me…

ASKED BY Member 1148536 on 1/6/13
TAGGED getsintoeverything, sheisawildbeaglemix IN Chewing

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Can My 11 month old dog still be teething?

We adopted him from a shelter had been there almost a month, he was an owner drop off because their landlord didn't like his dog breed. ( German…

ASKED BY Member 1148214 on 1/4/13
TAGGED toy, toyschewing, teething, teeth, gumgums, year, year IN Chewing

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How to train a jack russell?

have a 5 mo. jack russell/ chihuahua. this dog is crazy-- how do i train her.

ASKED BY Member 1138611 on 11/1/12
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What chew toys do you buy your babies?

I used to use rawhide bones now they say not to. My Willow will destroy just about anything she get a hold of. A tennis ball might last an hour. Rope…

ASKED BY Willow on 10/30/12
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How can I stop my shepherd mix from tearing the stuffing out of his bed?

We have a shepherd/lab mix that is almost a year old, we have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Within the last six months he has started destorying…

ASKED BY Member 1132425 on 9/25/12
TAGGED bed, stuffing, crate IN Chewing

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2 year-old basset STILL wakes me up at 3-4am to go outside.. wont stop chewing furniture?

I have a 2 year old basset, had him since he was a puppy. He seems like hes always had a bathroom problem. Accidents were very common while he was…

ASKED BY Member 1127830 on 8/27/12
TAGGED bassethound, pottyproblems, pottytraing, bassethound, chewing, bitterspray IN Chewing

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