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Wellness Dog Food Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Recalls

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Wellness Dog Food Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Recalls

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Wellness food a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Wellpet LLC, an umbrella company based near Boston, Massachusetts, manufactures Wellness dog food. The company arose from an earlier dog biscuit manufacturer called Old Mother Hubbard, which was founded in 1873 as a bakery. Wellness has been a brand since 1997. Its team began working with animal nutrition experts, veterinarians, and scientists in the 1990s to produce pet food that would revolutionize the pet food industry.

All of Wellness’s dry recipes are produced at their company-owned manufacturing facility in Indiana, U.S.A. Wellness produces premium-quality wet and dry dog food. It makes products for canines of all sizes and stages of life and those with varying nutritional needs.

A variety of size options are available to accommodate your purchasing habits. This isn’t the most expensive brand on the market, but it’s also not the cheapest. Wellness is a well-known brand that can be found in almost any store that sells dog food. Larger chain retailers, such as Petco and PetSmart, typically stock a wide variety of Wellness products on their shelves, and smaller retailers also stock various formulas. For those who prefer to shop online, Wellness can be found on almost every online retailer, including Chewy and Amazon.

At a Glance: The Best Wellness Dog Food Recipes

Rating Image Product Details
Most Popular
Wellness Core Original Dry Dog Food Wellness Core Original Dry Dog Food
  • High in protein
  • No by-products
  • Rich in omega-rich fatty acids
  • Second place
    Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Food Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Food
  • Limited ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily digestible
  • Third place
    Wellness Complete Health Canned Food Wellness Complete Health Canned Food
  • High in protein
  • No by-products
  • Complete formula designed by nutritionists
  • Wellness Dog Food Reviewed

    Wellness produces dog foods for all life stages, sizes, and dietary requirements. They focus on simple, natural ingredients that provide excellent nutrition, providing a wholesome, healthy meal for your dog.

    Who Makes Wellness Dog Food and Where is it Produced?

    Wellpet LLC (owned by the Berwind Corporation) owns Wellness, which is based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

    The Eagle Pack Company manufactures most of Wellness’s products at its manufacturing facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. However, during a recall in May 2012, it was discovered that some of Wellness’s foods were manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, one of the world’s largest pet food manufacturers.

    Which Type of Dog is Wellness Best Suited For?

    Wellness offers a variety of recipes and formulas for puppies, adults, seniors, active dogs, small breeds, fussy eaters, overweight dogs, and dogs with allergies.

    Black Dachshund dog guarding and eating food
    Image by: dogboxstudio, Shutterstock

    Which Type of Dog Might Do Better with a Different Brand?

    Wellness only produces one toy breed recipe. It appears to be well-formulated, but if your dog dislikes the combination of chicken, rice, and peas, you will need to try another brand.

    There is no special formulation for pregnant or nursing dogs. However, Wellness makes portion recommendations for its products.

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    Wellness has a list of all its ingredients on its website, but here is a list of its common ingredients.

    • Chicken: It is a pure mixture of skin and flesh from whole chickens. It is the first ingredient in any of their chicken-based diets and is an excellent source of high-quality protein and fatty acids. It’s high in essential amino acids and glucosamine, which promotes bone health.
    • Chicken liver: It is a good source of high-quality protein and vitamins A, D, and almost all B vitamins.
    • Beef: It is limited to that part of the striated muscle that is skeletal or found in the heart, with or without the overlying fat and the skin, blood vessels, and nerves that normally are processed with the flesh.
    • Duck: Duck is a combination of skin and flesh from duck parts or whole carcasses. It contains a lot of high-quality protein and fatty acids. Duck is high in iron and provides a lean, easy-to-digest protein source for dogs. It is high in amino acids, which aid in building strong muscles.
    • Herring: Herring is the clean tissue of an undecomposed whole herring or herring parts. It contains protein and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for young puppies’ healthy skin and coat, proper body function, and improved learning.
    • Lamb: Lamb contains essential amino acids and is a good source of dietary fats, both of which aid in energy maintenance. Red meat also contains many vitamins and minerals, which help with muscle development and promote good skin and coat health in dogs.
    • Barley: Because of its unique nutritional composition, including small amounts of slowly digested starch and the soluble fiber B-glucan, it is an excellent choice for specialized obesity and diabetic pet diets. It is easier to digest than whole or cracked barley.
    • Blueberries: Blueberries are high in vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber, and carotenoids, which are antioxidants that fight off cancer and heart disease. Blueberries provide fiber and are low in calories. They can improve night vision, prevent cell damage, and even promote mental function in senior pets.
    • Brown rice: It contains B vitamins and minerals and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.
    • Carrots: They are an excellent source of beta carotene, which is necessary for free radical neutralization.
    • Peas: Green peas contain vitamins such as C, B6, B1, C, and K. Vitamin K benefits bone health.

    A Quick Look at Wellness Dog Food

    • Uses natural ingredients
    • High in fat and protein
    • Grain-free formula
    • No by-products
    • Made in the United States
    • Versatile brand
    • Expensive
    • Several recalls

    Recall History

    Unfortunately, Wellness has been recalled several times due to food quality concerns. The following are the recall dates, products, and reasons:

    28 February 2011: A voluntary recall by Wellness was issued for 12 different types of canned cat foods due to low thiamine levels.

    05 May 2012: Wellness announced a voluntary recall of its Diamond Pet Foods-manufactured Super 5 Mix Large Breed Puppy Food. Salmonella was discovered at Diamond’s South Carolina facility. As a result, many pet food manufacturers were forced to recall their products.

    30 October 2012: Another voluntary recall by wellness was announced by Wellness. Their small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food did not meet their standards and was found to have higher levels of moisture.

    10 February 2017: Because of the possibility of foreign material, Wellness recalled seven canned cat food formulas.

    17 March 2017:  Wellpet recalled a limited quantity of one recipe of canned topper for dogs due to elevated levels of a beef thyroid hormone.

    Reviews of the 3 Best Wellness Food Recipes

    Here is a detailed look at three of the Wellness Dog food recipes.

    1. Wellness CORE Original Dry Dog Food

    Wellness CORE Turkey & Chicken Dry Dog Food

    Wellness CORE Original Dry Dog Food is packed with protein to help optimize your dog’s overall health. It is fortified with antioxidants, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, taurine, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

    It is packed with protein, using chicken and turkey meals to help build lean muscle mass and strong body tone. This grain-free formula uses peas and potatoes as a source of healthy complex carbohydrates. They are high in fiber to support your dog’s digestive system. Salmon oil, flaxseed oil, and chicken fat are all omega-rich fats that will nourish your dog’s skin and coat.

    It is created without the use of any meat by-products, fillers, corn, soy, wheat gluten, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

    • High in protein
    • No by-products
    • Rich in omega-rich fatty acids
    • Not suitable for puppies
    • Picky eaters don’t seem to enjoy it

    2. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Food

    Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Formula Dry Dog Food

    Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Food is perfect for active dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. It contains a single source of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates. It is enhanced with omega fatty acids, glucosamine, antioxidants, probiotics, and taurine to support overall health.

    Wellness is made in the United States with only the finest global ingredients and contains no wheat, corn, soy, gluten, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

    • Limited ingredients
    • Made in the USA
    • Easily digestible
    • Some dogs continued experiencing allergies
    • No fruit or veg

    3. Wellness Complete Health Canned Food

    Wellness Complete Health Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula Canned Dog Food

    Wellness Complete Health Formula is designed by nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal lovers to provide a balance of nature’s finest ingredients for your dog’s benefit. This natural wet dog food’s meaty and tasty texture is formulated with high-quality chicken and veggies rich in antioxidants to provide a complete and balanced diet.

    It is intended to promote overall health by including vitamins and minerals to keep your dog active and playful and aids in the maintenance of a strong immune system, optimal energy levels, digestive function, and a healthy coat and skin. There are no meat byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives in this product.

    • High in protein
    • No by-products
    • Complete formula designed by nutritionists
    • Too mushy
    • No pull tab on cans

    What Other Users Are Saying

    • Dog Food Advisor – “Wellness Complete Health is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a significant amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus receiving 5 stars.”
    • Here Pup – “Overall, I am pleased with the Wellness brand. Because of its commitment to its own pets, it’s committed to providing the best health for yours. Additionally, it focuses on its foundation to help groups who want to provide healthy solutions for dog diets. This is a brand that cares about your dog, and that’s something I can get behind.”
    • Amazon – Amazon is always a great resource for balanced reviews, and you can see what users have to say about Wellness dog food here.


    Wellness is a brand that really cares about your dog. It has a variety of formulas to suit most dog breeds, sizes, life stages, and nutritional needs. They do their best to include only premium ingredients and use high-quality meats, fruits, and vegetables.

    While it has a recall history, they were all voluntary, and Wellness recalled certain products when they didn’t measure up to their high standards, which says a lot about their quality standard and commitment to providing the best food for your dog. Overall, we think Wellness is a great choice for your canine and highly recommend its products.

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