Shorter Than a Coke Can, Is This Chihuahua the World’s Smallest Dog?

Three-month-old Toudi is tiny at only 2.75 inches tall. Will he be able to set the record, or does he have some growing to do?


Chihuahuas are known for being a really small breed, but one from Poland may have outdone them all. At 2.75 inches tall and weighing in at 10.5 ounces, the three-month-old Toudi may qualify as the world’s smallest dog of any breed.

Toudi hasn’t been officially declared the world’s smallest dog, but his owners are trying to get Guinness World Records to recognize his status.

It’s true that Toudi is still a pup and may have some growing to do, but he’s significantly smaller than his siblings in the same litter, so in all likelihood, he’s going to stay small. At his current size, he’s dwarfed by a Coke can. That’s pretty small for any age.

As of right now, Guinness lists two categories of “smallest” living dog: length and height. According to them, the smallest by height is Milly, a Chihuahua living in Puerto Rico. Milly stands at 3.8 inches high, which towers over Toudi. The smallest by length is Heaven Sent Brandy, yet another Chihuahua who measures 6 inches from nose to tail. There are no figures on Toudi’s length right now, but it seems that barring a sudden growth spurt, he may stand a very good chance at making that world record.

Whether he does or not, Toudi’s pictures show that he has plenty of cuteness and charm to go around at any size.

Via Toudi Chi Facebook Page and The Express

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6 thoughts on “Shorter Than a Coke Can, Is This Chihuahua the World’s Smallest Dog?”

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    i also havve a white long haired chihuahua, i rescured him from abuse of humans, 3 familys hurt and abused this little guy, well my daughter brought him for 150.00 all dirty and with fleas.,,,well he has been with me 13-14 years +, his name is STITCH and he is loyal loves hugs rub downs and messages, visits doggy doctors to check up even eye doctors, i love him to the moon and back…i am sad that time age going bye, now bling in right eye, some hearing problems, he follows me all over the house, he travels with me from hawaii to colorado and now in vegas…as he is loving and loyal so am i,,,,to the end…age has me too…he loves me and i know it, he knows i love him alot….i dont want to face life without him…as he will be my last dog ever…STITCH will always be the LOVE OF MY LIFE FOREVER , my friend love….forever!!!!!

    1. I know how you feel. Mine is mixed with other breeds but is 50% chihuahua with all the personality of the Chi. He is 8 now and has a long life left but I dread that eventually the day will come. You are lucky to have each other.

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