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Why Are There People Who Don’t Like Dogs? 6 Reasons

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Why Are There People Who Don’t Like Dogs? 6 Reasons

As someone who likes spending time with dogs, you may wonder how anyone could dislike “man’s best friend.” What could possibly be so offensive about canines that someone would say that they don’t even like them? It turns out that there are quite a few different reasons that a person might not like dogs, and each is valid in its own right. Here are six reasons to be aware of so you can expand your understanding of others.

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The 6 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Like Dogs

1.  A Lack of Experience With Dogs

Some people decide that they do not like dogs because they simply don’t have any experience with them. They did not grow up around canines, so they don’t know how to interact with them. They’ve never spent the day playing with a dog at the park or snuggling up on the couch to watch movies. They may simply not know what canines are all about, so they see these animals as unpredictable, if not completely foreign. Since they haven’t been exposed to dogs in their lives, they don’t know much about them. As we all know, it’s easy to dislike or even be afraid of the unknown.

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2.  The General Smell of Dogs

If we’re honest, dogs can get smelly. Even if they aren’t downright odorous, they still tend to have a unique scent that sets them apart from other living beings. Some people simply don’t like the smells that canines emit, even if they don’t seem that bad to you. In fact, just the perception that dogs stink can be enough to turn off people. If someone has an interaction with a pup that smells particularly bad for some reason, they may assign that bad experience to all dogs in the future and assume that no matter what canines they get near, it will lead to an assault on their olfactory senses.

3.  A Belief That a Dog’s Place Is in the Yard

Some people might not like dogs because they believe that these animals shouldn’t be elevated in the household as part of the family. They dislike the idea of dogs lying on furniture, jumping on laps, and sniffing hands. They believe that canines belong outside, not in the house mingling with humans. So, they might not dislike dogs in general, but they dislike the idea of them being a part of the human social experience.

4.  A Belief That Dogs Are Mischievous

Dogs can be naughty just like kids can. This is especially true for pups that are not trained or that have mental issues (like depression or anxiety). So, if someone’s only experience with a dog was when they were misbehaving, they are likely to assume that all dogs act the same. If they expect bad behavior from canines, they wouldn’t want to spend time around them.

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5.  A Bad Experience in the Past

If someone was attacked or bitten by a dog, it is understandable that they would be afraid of spending time around strange canines afterward. After all, their past experience tells them that dogs can be extremely dangerous. Even people who only have memories of being barked at by a scary dog while a small child can still harbor anxiety and fear when they are around dogs, especially those that they are not familiar with.

6.  A Taught Perception

Some people grow up in families that do not like dogs for one reason or another. If they are told by their parents and other family members that dogs are bad while they are growing up, they are liable to carry that perception into adulthood. They will avoid canines and never get to know them, so their perception that dogs are bad isn’t ever challenged.

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Is It Bad to Not Like Dogs?

Absolutely not! Just because someone doesn’t like dogs doesn’t mean that they want to see harm done to them or that they’re evil in any way. They simply choose not to spend their time around canines or own one. Whether their reasons for liking dogs seem valid to others or not, it’s their prerogative and in no way provides insight into their overall character or morals.

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Some people simply don’t like dogs, and we say to that: Live and let live! Just because someone doesn’t like dogs, that doesn’t mean they’re mean or vindictive. It just means that they choose not to have canines in their lives. For those of us who do love and have dogs, we can play a role in helping people learn to like these animals by making sure ours are well-behaved in public and don’t invade others’ personal space.

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