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GhostBuster and His Human Check Out the Kin + Kind Hot Spot Stick

Hot spots are no fun for my dog, so I'm always on the lookout for products to soothe his skin. This one from Kin + Kind uses tea tree oil to do exactly that.

Heather Marcoux  |  Mar 8th 2017

My dog GhostBuster has two moods: happy and itchy. Since adopting my lovable GoldenLab mix three years ago, I’ve learned a lot about hotspots and try everything I can to prevent them. Recently we added a new product to our itch fighting arsenal: the Kin + Kind Hot Spot Relief Stick.

This little stick packs a lot of great ingredients into a convenient package. (Photo by Heather Marcoux)

It’s packaged like push-up human deodorant, and in my opinion, it smells even better. The fresh scent is due to tree tree oil, an antibacterial ingredient I’ve been using on GhostBuster for years now.

You can’t apply pure tea tree oil directly to a dog’s skin as it would cause chemical burns. You must first mix it with a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut. The mixing process usually leaves me with hands that smell strongly of tea tree oil for hours afterward.

The stick smells great, but not too strongly of tea tree oil. GhostBuster wants to smell it whenever I get it out. (Photo by Heather Marcoux)

I really like the Kin + Kind stick because the messy mixing work is already done for me. The stick is comprised of organic coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera, vitamin e and tea tree oil. You just pop off the lid, rub it on your dog and you’re done.

I also like that the stick gives us the benefit of tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties without the risks associated with large amounts of the stuff. The ingredient can be toxic to dogs in high doses, so Kin + Kind uses a low concentration.

The combo of the tea tree oil and moisturizing ingredients did a great job clearing up a baby hot spot on GhostBuster before it became itch central.

There are a few other grooming products in the Kin + Kind line. According to the website, they’re all made ethically in the U.S.A. and employees are paid a living wage. GhostBuster and I can totally get behind that.

The stick is available through the Kin + Kind website for $11.99.