Watch Dunder the Dog Age from His 1st Birthday to His 2nd

Dunder's humans photographed him every day, then compiled the images into an adorable time-lapse video.


We’ve reported about darling Dunder the German Shepherd and his time-lapse loving parents before. In his first video, we watched as Dunder matured from a young pup into a strapping young dog. Dunder’s humans photographed the adorable pooch throughout his puppyhood for a year. Then they compiled all the photos into a time-lapse video and added some charming music to accompany Dunder’s growth. The result was a piece that warmed the heart as we watched Dunder transform. It also made us realize that dogs sure do a lot of growing in their first year! Even though Dunder packs on pounds and size, his smile and loving eyes remain the same.

Now, you can watch Dunder progress through his second year of life in this new video, which we consider Dunder: Part 2. Already a year old, Dunder doesn’t do much more growing, but we love watching his smiling face as the background changes around him and imagining what all of his adventures must have been. We see Dunder throughout the seasons, with toys, with other dogs, taking a bath, wearing sunglasses, shaking paws, using a laptop, and just being generally adorable.

It’s the simplest concept, and yet it ends up feeling so profound. We can’t wait to see Dunder’s new video when he turns three!

And if you really want to go back, you can watch a video of Dunder from puppyhood to present.

Make sure to like Dunder’s Facebook page to keep up to date on his life.

Photo via Dunder’s Facebook page

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