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6 DIY Dog Toy Box Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Lindsey Lawson

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

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6 DIY Dog Toy Box Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Every DIYer is going to be on the lookout for their next project. Well, if you’re a dog lover and you need to keep your hands busy, we’ve got you covered. All dogs need toys. Not only do toys provide them enrichment, but they can also save some of your household items from falling victim to a rigorous playtime.

We tend to spoil our doggos by purchasing toy after toy, and quite frankly, they begin to add up. Having a variety is great; it keeps your dog well entertained. When it comes to housekeeping though, the copious amount of toys can pose a bit of a problem. That’s where these DIY projects come in to save the day. Here’s a list of 6 different DIY dog toy box ideas you could build today to suit your needs.

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The 6 DIY Dog Toy Boxes

1. DIY Wooden Dog Toy Box by a Home to Grow Old In

DIY Wooden Dog Toy Box
Image Credit: Home to Grow Old In
Materials: Wood crate, sandpaper, mouse sander (optional), wood filler, spray paint, drawer pulls, vinyl letters or decals, adhesive vinyl
Tools: Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are needing a simple DIY dog toy box that you could get done in no time, this project is right up your alley. This DIY wooden box can be put together fairly easily using a wooden crate and some materials for decorating.

You can get creative with this and personalize it for your dog. You can purchase vinyl lettering to add a label or even your dog’s name to the box. If you want, you can add more to it by adding some extra decorative additions. Sometimes the simple way can be very rewarding!

2. DIY Magazine Rack Dog Toy Box by Daily DIY Life

DIY Magazine Rack Dog Toy Box
Image Credit: dailydiylife
Materials: Magazine rack, paint, decals
Tools: Sander, paint brushes, paint roller
Difficulty Level: Easy

Magazine racks have lost their luster thanks to the age of the internet. Here we are, stuck with all these magazine racks and nothing to put in them. Whether you have to go to a local thrift shop and find one, or you have one laying around, making it into a super cute dog toy box is just about the best use you can get out of it.

This DIY project is super easy, thanks to the magazine rack already being constructed. With this, you’re putting a lot of focus into painting and decorating. You may have to sand down some magazine racks to ensure the painting job is well done. Once you’ve painted the rack, you can slap on some decals or you could choose to find some emblems or wooden letters to add some extra personalization.

3. DIY Wine Rack Dog Toy Box by Condo Blues

DIY Wine Rack Dog Toy Box
Image Credit: Condo Blues
Materials: Wooden wine crate, pencil, template, sandpaper, wood rounds, wood glue, 4 wood screws, tea wood stain (non-toxic recommended)
Tools: Jigsaw, screwdriver, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you are a wine drinker, or you know someone that is, you may want to gather up some empty wine crates and put them to use. There’s a bit more work involved with this DIY wine rack toy box project, compared to some of the others, but this results in a super convenient little dog toy box.

The good news? If there’s ever any damage to your dog’s new toy box, all you must do is make sure to empty another wine crate and go at it again. We’re sure no one would have any objections.

4. DIY Mobile Dog Toy Box by My Frugal Adventures

DIY Mobile Dog Toy Box
Image Credit: My Frugal Adventures
Materials: Crate, paint, swivel wheels, decals, glue
Tools: Drill, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you need a dog toy box on wheels, this is the project for you. While this isn’t a dog-specific DIY creation, it’s one worth noting. First, you’ll want to attach the swivel wheels so that this toy box is fully mobile. Once you have them securely attached, you take the typical wooden crate, paint it your color of choice, and add some personal decals for the finishing touch.

The good news about this one is that you can wheel it anywhere in the house. We’re not saying that simply picking up the box and placing it elsewhere is difficult, but hey, what’s the harm in a set of wheels? Overall, this is a super easy project that is easy to personalize with your pup.

5. DIY Decorative Crate Dog Toy Box by Dog Mom Days

DIY Decorative Crate Dog Toy Box
Image Credit: dogmomdays
Materials: Wooden crate, wooden dog emblem, wooden letters, wood glue, acrylic paint, dixie cups, newspaper, sandpaper
Tools: Drill, paint brushes
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Here’s another toy box made from a wooden crate. For this project, you’ll put a lot into the aesthetics of the box through painting and decorating. You can choose to follow the directions exactly, or you can branch off and get your creativity flowing.

You will want to make sure you have plenty of space for all the painting that’s about to take place. Not only will you be painting the crate itself, but you will also have wooden letters that will need to be painted to the color of your desire. Once you’re finished, your dog will have a cute, colorful box to keep those precious toys in.

6. DIY Rustic Dog Toy Box by Character Red Workshop

Materials: (1) 3/4″ birch plywood panel, (1) 96″ 1×4 whiteboard, (5) pieces of poplar trim, (1) 2 handles, cutting board oil, furniture finish, furniture wax, sanding discs, clamps
Tools: Sander, drill and impact driver set, circular saw, jigsaw, tool kit, nail gun, dremel
Difficulty Level: Advanced

If you are a more experienced DIYer and like to start from scratch, here’s a beautiful rustic dog toy box that you can create. This will take a bit more work than the other projects on the list, but the end result is well worth the time and effort.

You will need a lot more tools and materials to cut, prep, and finish the wood. These instructions are provided via video, so it’s ideal for visual learners. If you’re able to master this project, not only will you have a gorgeous, rustic dog toy box that will be a great addition to your home, but you’ll have the confidence to take on the next more complex DIY project that catches your eye.

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Hopefully, anyone on the hunt for DIY dog toy box ideas has come across these great projects. Whether you are ready to start from scratch with pieces of wood, or you want to just get a little creative with a crate, you are bound to find the perfect DIY dog toy box idea. In the end, you’ll end up with a convenient piece of furniture that helps you keep organized, and your dog is going to have a box full of good times.

Featured Image Credit: Erda Estremera, Unsplash

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