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8 Corgi Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2024

Written by: Cheryl Regan

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

tricolor welsh corgi pembroke dog sitting on a grass

8 Corgi Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2024

Corgis have luxurious double coats that make them look extra fluffy. While most Corgi owners opt to keep their pet’s coat at a medium length, there’s an array of stylish haircuts that complement this dog’s petite build and standout features.

In this post, we’ll share eight of our favorite Corgi haircuts!

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The 8 Corgi Haircuts

1. The Summer Trim

Image Credit: Makistock, Shutterstock

As the weather gets warm, a modest trim will help to keep your Corgi cooler. In addition to keeping your Corgi cool during hot weather, this cut won’t require as much maintenance. Be careful, however, not to remove any of your Corgi’s undercoat, which is used as insulation against both hot and cold weather.

2. Classic Corgi

corgi with its tongue out
Image Credit: fatty corgi, Unsplash

The classic Corgi cut is the one that most people think of when they picture a Corgi in their mind. The coat is cut to a uniform medium length all over the Corgi for an overall neat and tidy look. Stray hair around the Corgi’s ears, paws, legs, and backside is trimmed away, leaving the Corgi looking clean and dignified.

3. Super Fluffy

long-haired corgi
Image Credit: Alvan Nee, Unsplash

Left to grow naturally, a Corgi’s hair can become something wild and beautiful. This look will need more grooming than a shorter cut, of course, but if you don’t mind spending a little extra time on grooming and cleaning up dog hair, letting your Corgi’s hair grow naturally will result in a truly majestic look!

4. Heart Tail

pembroke welsh corgi with heart-shaped trimmed tail
Image Credit: Potchanee B, Shutterstock

A popular modern look for Pembroke Welsh Corgis, this trim leaves your Corgi’s fluffy backside with a neat heart-shaped tail! This look can be difficult for beginners to pull off, but a professional groomer should be able to do it for you. Whether you choose the heart tail or not, it’s a good idea to keep the coat on your Corgi’s backside trimmed to prevent long hair from catching dirt—including poop!

5. The Corkscrew Corgi

timeless spiral or corkscrew corgi haircut
Image Credit: Groomer to Groomer

This fancy haircut will leave your Corgi’s coat with an eye-catching spiral pattern! You’ll probably need the expertise of a skilled groomer to achieve this one, but the result—in our opinion—is totally worth it. If you’re looking for a hairdo that will make your Corgi stand out, then the spiral haircut is a top contender!

6. The Lion Cut

corgi with lion haircut trim
Image Credit: Christopher Anderson

Corgis are known for their gentle and affable nature, so it’s difficult to imagine them as ferocious beasts. Yet, this fact only serves to make them look even more adorable with a lion haircut. As the name suggests, the lion haircut is achieved by trimming your Corgi all over their torso and body up to their shoulders. Their neck and head are left with long hair, giving them the appearance of having a lion’s mane.

7. Fluffy Bat Ears

corgi with fluffy bat ears haircut
Image Credit: Imgur

Everyone loves the adorable Corgi bat ears, so why not help them stand out? For this haircut, your Corgi’s hair is trimmed short all over their body, except for their ears—where the hair is kept long and fluffy. This cut is perfect for the late spring and summer when a shorter cut will help your Corgi keep cool.

8. Fluffy Tail

tricolor corgi dog standing on the grass field
Image Credit: SasaStock, Shutterstock

To meet AKC standards, most Pembroke Welsh Corgis have their tails docked as puppies. But for Cardigan Corgis and Pembroke Corgis with long tails, this haircut will accentuate their majestic fox-like tails! For the fluffy tail cut, simply trim the hair on your Corgi’s body, but leave the hair on their tail to grow to its natural length. Your Corgi will need regular grooming with this look, but if that’s not something you mind, then it’s definitely worth the effort!

Do Corgis Shed a Lot?

Corgis have a thick double coat that does tend to shed all year round, especially during spring and fall. Daily grooming will help to collect clumps and prevent mats from forming. Additionally, it’ll encourage new hair to grow.

How Often Do Corgis Need a Haircut?

You don’t need to give your Corgi a haircut! At least, not all over their body. You can trim the excess hair around their ears, eyes, backside, and paws for health, safety, and sanitary purposes, but other than that, you just need to make sure you implement a regular brushing routine. Brush your Corgi at least once a day and give them a bath around once every 6 weeks.

groomer giving pembroke welsh corgi dog a haircut
Image Credit: Makistock, Shutterstock

Should I Shave My Corgi?

You shouldn’t shave a Corgi unless it is necessary; for example, if your dog has a skin condition or needs to have surgery. Corgis use their undercoat to regulate their body temperature and to protect themselves against sunburn.

If you do shave a Corgi, it’s possible that the undercoat and guard coat will matt together and grow back in an uneven or patchy way.

When you are trimming your Corgi’s hair, make sure you don’t trim their undercoat.

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Corgis are adorable, no matter which hairstyle you choose to give them. Avoid cutting your Corgi’s hair too short, as it can lead to more problems. If you’re not sure whether a particular haircut would be good for your pet, take them to a professional groomer who should be able to offer advice.

Corgis have medium-length hair that looks naturally adorable. A regular trim around their eyes, ears, feet, and backside will keep them safe and looking great!

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