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Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA? 2024 Update

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA? 2024 Update

Are you planning a trip to IKEA with the family? As much as everyone may enjoy visiting the Swedish retail giant, at least one household member may have to stay home, depending on your location. In the United States, companion dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores.

Of course, there are nuances to any pet policy. Let’s explore the details behind IKEA’s rules and accommodations for animals so you can determine whether you can bring your dog along as you shop.


Are Dogs Allowed in Ikea?

As of writing, dogs and other pets are not allowed in IKEA stores in America. The exception is an ADA-qualified service animal, such as a guide or medical alert dog. Emotional support, therapy, and companion animals do not fit the qualifications and cannot enter the store.1 Although it isn’t an ADA requirement, a vest or other ID for your service dog will show staff and fellow shoppers that you’re following the store’s policies.

IKEA maintains a no-pets policy in its U.S. stores to avoid damage in the showroom, conflict with customers, and contamination in the restaurant. Even dogs can’t resist those Swedish meatballs! Keeping the rules simple helps stores avoid awkward altercations.

IKEA doesn’t allow pets to ensure a positive experience for everyone who journeys to one of its 54 destinations nationwide. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t support its customers with pets! The chain released its pet furniture and equipment line, LURVIG, in 2017. Certain stores, such as the IKEA in Tempe, Arizona, also partner with local animal shelters to promote dog adoption in their communities.

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Ikea Dog and Pet Rules in Other Countries

IKEA’s American and Canadian stores have straightforward pet-free policies. However, plenty of stores within the IKEA empire welcome dogs with open arms! The chain operates in over 30 countries, many having unique and inclusive rules around man’s best friend. The following are a few examples of pet policies from around the globe.


Germany claims more IKEA stores than any other nation, giving residents few excuses to avoid visiting the furniture chain. Unfortunately, you’ll have to walk the circuit alone. The country’s IKEAs only allow guide and service dogs, citing possible fearful fellow customers as the reason.

Despite the strict in-store policy, at least one store in Germany has found a happy medium for shoppers with pets, aimed at serving all customers. In 2015, the store in Cologne unveiled a dog parking section. The separate covered outdoor area features strips of faux grass with leash posts and water bowls to keep dogs comfy while their owners shop.


Italy’s IKEA stores have some of the most lenient pet policies. Dogs are welcome in all IKEAs, albeit with restrictions, such as muzzling, subject to municipal rules. They can walk alongside you on a non-extendable leash and enter every area except the catering sections. Stores can require guests to leave if their pets cause issues, and owners are liable for damage to the store, merchandise, or other guests.

Although Italy is hardly the only country with IKEAs that welcome pets, one store in Sicily set the bar for dog-friendliness. IKEA Catania went viral in 2018 when it opened its doors to strays to keep them safe and warm during the winter. Staff fed and groomed the dogs, while specialists provided spay and neutering services. A few pups even found new forever homes with employees and customers!

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Pets may not be allowed in the U.S. or Canadian stores, but at least two IKEAs in North America will let your dogs shop alongside you. Mexico has two stores allowing families to have up to two well-behaved and properly vaccinated pets during their visit.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the store’s restaurant, bistro, or Swedish food market (there are designated pet holding areas). Owners must have everything necessary (e.g., waste bags, cleaning wipes, muzzle, etc.) to clean and maintain their pets, and all pets must be on non-extendable leashes no more than 1.5 m (5 ft.).


IKEA’s story begins in Sweden, where founder Ingvar Kamprad opened his trading company for business over 80 years ago. While the brand’s expansion and enduring popularity is one of the great success stories of modern times, stores in the country’s native land stay relatively reserved when it comes to allowing pets.

IKEA City Gallerian, a three-story department store in Stockholm’s Gallerian Mall, is the only Swedish IKEA that allows pets. Otherwise, stores nationwide limit dogs to service or guide animals. Fortunately for pet parents, at least one store followed the Cologne store’s example by opening a separate dog parking section.

The IKEA in Borlänge collaborated with the Norwegian program Den4Dogs, which supplies kennels to businesses where owners can temporarily park their dogs. Booking through an app, they can reserve crates to safely secure their pet for 1 hour to do their shopping. Although some untrained dogs may struggle with kennels, the system solves several concerns that the non-kennel park in Cologne does not address, such as pet theft or aggression toward guests.

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In Thailand, IKEA recently updated its pet policy to allow owners to bring their furry companions into any of the country’s four stores. Announcing the change in June, IKEA now allows dogs up to 15 kg (33 lb.) except in food-serving sections, including the restaurant, food market, and bakery.

The Thailand stores are cautiously relaxing pet policies, maintaining strict rules for those they’ll allow to enter. Companion animals must stay in a pet trolley and not walk freely around the floor. Like other stores, owners accept liability for any damage or harm their pets cause on IKEA’s premises.


How Can I Visit IKEA With a Dog?

IKEA is a destination. Since trips to its stores are more eventful than the average shopping excursion, planning your journey will ensure that you enjoy the most fulfilling experience possible. Except for service animals, dogs are not allowed in American stores. Showing up with yours in the hopes of skirting the system or receiving leniency will only disservice you, the store, your fellow shoppers, and your dog.

Contact your local IKEA if you aren’t sure whether they allow animals. If they don’t, consider how long you will be gone and if your pet will need care while you’re away. Having a friend or relative pet-sit for a few hours may be possible, or you could research a local doggy daycare to house and entertain your dog.

If you can visit IKEA with a dog, such as a service animal, keeping a few considerations in mind will help you get the most from your experience. Dogs should stay on non-extendable leashes in the store and off furniture and displays. Although they can go to food-serving areas, being aware and respectful of fellow diners and limiting your dog to specific locations will give everyone peace of mind.

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Final Thoughts

IKEA doesn’t allow pets in its American stores, but that shouldn’t affect your shopping plans. Each store is a retail behemoth and an experience-focused destination that you’ll rarely decide to swing into at the last minute with a dog in tow. Plan accordingly and respect the rules, and you’ll set yourself up for a positive and memorable trip.

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