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What Happened to Mighty Dog Dog Food? Does It Still Exist in 2024? (Answered)

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 by Dogster Team

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What Happened to Mighty Dog Dog Food? Does It Still Exist in 2024? (Answered)

Many little dog owners are familiar with the Mighty Dog title. Carnation (the milk company) created this food line in 1973. But soon after that, in 1985, Purina bought the company.

Ever since then, Purina has proudly displayed the title at pet food and retail shops across the globe. It had its run—dominating pet food shelves with its canned, meaty goodness for over four decades. But where did it go? Mighty Dog food has been discontinued due to low demand.

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Mighty Dog Food Legacy

You remember the jingle! Every commercial had the brand that came down touting the letters “MIGHTY DOG” onto the loaf. Nestle Purina has owned this food line since the 70s, retaining quite a customer base. If you need a refresher, here’s the video from the 1990s.

So, whatever happened to this everyday, readily available food on the shelves of virtually every department store pet aisle? As the New York Post puts it, the line was “quietly discontinued” after 48 years of availability due to a dip in demand.

In early 2021, Mighty Dog consumers started noticing a steady decline in availability. They stormed the internet, demanding questions—just what was happening to Mighty Dog dog food?

Mighty Dog has fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Many companies have been steadily steering away from this type of food for quite a while, even before fresh and raw food diets hit the market. Since the pet food market is changing, so is the content that pet owners are comfortable putting in their best buddy’s food bowl.

Changes in the Pet Food Industry

Realistically, changes in the pet food industry are inevitable. A whole line of nutritionists are working to improve the quality of the food we feed our pets. For years we have depended on wet food and dry kibble diets. That entire concept is shifting rapidly as more information comes up.

Many owners seek more holistic, natural approaches to providing their canines with nutrition. Some owners take to the kitchen, creating home-crafted meals for their pooches. Others use subscription-based services to deliver fresh dog food to their doorstep.

Even wet and dry food lines are changing their recipes to incorporate a more human-grade ingredient base.

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Let’s Talk Quality

Here are some pretty significant changes in pet food versus what recipe lines like Mighty Dog offer.

Holistic, Organic, or Human-grade Meals

As specific issues have surfaced in dogs, like dietary sensitivities and health issues, pets’ diets have really come into the limelight. Many pet food companies are adopting the concept of using exceptional ingredients for dog food recipes. Owners are willing to pay more for the nutrition of their pet.

We’ve realized we’ve been feeding our dogs daily helpings of preservative-packed foods that are not the best options for their species.

Image Credit: M Burke, Unsplash

Specialized Diet Recipes

Because of conflicts with standard commercial diets, many dogs find themselves at the mercy of an allergy or sensitivity. If you found yourself looking through recipe after recipe to find something that won’t aggravate your dog system, you know that common pet foods just won’t do it.

One way to avoid this entirely is to feed your dog as healthily as possible right up front. That’s why foods that are stuffed with preservatives and artificial flavors like Mighty Dog are getting kind of a bad rap these days.

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If your dog was a big fan of Mighty Dog food by Purina, this might be bad news. But the upside here is that you’ve learned how much the dog food industry has changed since you switched dog food last. It allows you to do some homework on what the scientific community has learned about your dog’s nutrition.

If you have any questions or need help switching to the best recipe for your canine, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted veterinarian for advice or guidance.

Featured Image Credit: Ayla Verschueren, Unsplash

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