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5 Thai Ridgeback Dog Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Dogster Team

Thai Ridgeback

5 Thai Ridgeback Dog Colors & Markings (With Pictures)

Thai Ridgebacks are muscular dogs with short, sleek coats. These medium-sized canines are agile athletes with high energy levels, as they were bred for hunting and guarding. They learned to be self-sufficient, as they needed to hunt for their own food, and they had great survival instincts. Well-socialized Thai Ridgebacks are loving, loyal companions that are naturally protective of their families.

The Thai Ridgeback has a unique coat, with a ridge on its back formed by fur that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of its coat. There are several coat colors that the Thai Ridgeback may have, and in this article, we will look at five Thai Ridgeback dog colors and markings.

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The 5 Thai Ridgeback Dog Colors & Markings

1. Black Thai Ridgeback

black thai ridgeback
Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

One of the most common colors of the Thai Ridgeback is black. Black Thai Ridgebacks appear especially daring—some may even say intimidating. However, the black coat of the Thai Ridgeback can evoke many other associations.

Many say that the black Thai Ridgeback inspires a sense of royalty and sophistication, while others say that the dark coat carries a hint of mystery. Since black coats are a dominant gene among canines, the black Thai Ridgeback won’t be as challenging to find.

2. Silver Thai Ridgeback

silver thai ridgeback
Image Credit: Rijiikat, Shutterstock

Silver is renowned among many canine aficionados as the most striking dog coat color. Whether you agree or not, it is impossible to deny that the silver Thai Ridgeback carries a regal air to it. Often, the silver coats cause dogs to resemble wolves, adding to their distinct appeal.

As popular as silver coats are, they are also rare. The silver Thai Ridgeback will be much more difficult to find.

3. Blue Thai Ridgeback

blue Thai ridgeback dog outdoors
Image Credit: Kseniya Resphoto, Shutterstock

Blue is another rare coat color. Although the color more closely resembles an icy, silvery gray color, the noses of the dogs are blue. Plus, their eyes are often blue, further accentuating the striking color.

Since blue coats are technically a diluted form of black coats, the shade and intensity of blue can vary between dogs. Blue dogs may appear only lightly dusted with blue or develop a striking, deep shade of blue.

In order to produce a blue Thai Ridgeback, both parents must carry a recessive gene for diluted black coats. Since these are recessive genes, it can be difficult to produce a blue puppy.

4. Red Thai Ridgeback

red thai ridgeback
Image Credit: katamount, Shutterstock

Dogs with red coats are less common than the standard black coats, although they are a little easier to find than some rarer variations. The shade of red can range between orange, brown, and tan, creating a wide variety of red Thai Ridgebacks. Some are even described as cinnamon, ruby, and reddish gold.

A black mask pattern is preferable in red Thai Ridgebacks according to the breed standard. However, not all red Thai Ridgebacks will carry this marking.

5. Fawn Thai Ridgeback

fawn thai ridgeback
Image Credit: Olga Aniven, Shutterstock

The fawn Thai Ridgeback is generally seen in a light shade of brown. However, like many other Thai Ridgeback coat colors, the intensity of the color can vary. Some fawn Thai Ridgebacks will appear closer to tan, while others will appear blond or cream. Sometimes, the fawn color can take on slightly different hues, causing the fawn Thai Ridgeback to appear lightly red or yellowish brown. This variety means no two fawn Thai Ridgebacks will look the same.

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How to Groom a Thai Ridgeback

No matter what color coat your Thai Ridgeback has, this dog’s coat is easy to care for. The fur is short and sleek, making brushing a simple task. You can easily brush through your Thai Ridgeback’s coat with a rubber brush to keep its hair shiny and healthy. Although this breed sheds throughout the year, it is not known to shed excessively. The Thai Ridgeback will shed more than normal during shedding season.

Besides caring for your Thai Ridgeback’s coat, you will also need to maintain the health of its nails, ears, and teeth. On a regular schedule (or as needed), you should clip your dog’s nails, clean out its ears, and brush its teeth. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of any of these tasks, contact a professional groomer for assistance.

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Thai Ridgebacks are majestic, beautiful dogs with unique coats. They come in several beautiful colors, and if you are looking for one in particular, it may be wise to start with a reputable breeder or by visiting your local animal shelter. No matter what color Thai Ridgeback you bring home, the protective, loving personality will be the same.

Featured Image Credit: Loboda Dmytro, Shutterstock

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