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23 Miniature Pinscher Mixes (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

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23 Miniature Pinscher Mixes (With Pictures)

Fun-loving and fearless, the Miniature Pinscher is a pint-sized pup with a big personality. Measuring only about 10 to 12 inches in height, this lively and loyal dog is great for families with children, couples, and singles.

If you’re interested in adding a Min-Pin to your household, you can either get a purebred one or a designer Miniature Pinscher hybrid. Here are 23 fantastic Miniature Pinscher mixes to choose from!

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The Top 23 Miniature Pinscher Mixes

1. American Hairless Min Pin (American Hairless Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

American Hairless Min Pin
Parents of American Hairless Min Pin. Left: American Hairless Terrier, Right: Mini Pinscher | Image Credit: (art nick) Shutterstock and Pixabay

Developed by breeding a Miniature Pinscher with an American Hairless Terrier, this unique little dog has large, pointy ears and a playful personality! This designer dog barely tips the scale at 20 pounds or less and can come with or without fur.

2. American Rat Pinscher (American Rat Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

If you love terriers, the American Rat Pinscher could be the perfect pup for you! A cross between a Miniature Pinscher and an American Rat Terrier, this hybrid dog is typically brown, black, or tan.

3. Meagle (Beagle x Miniature Pinscher)

Meagle Minpin Beagle mix
Image By: Karen Dole, Shutterstock

The mild-mannered Meagle has a Miniature Pinscher parent and a Beagle parent. They can either have the long legs of a Min-Pin or the compactness of a Beagle. Meagles are high-energy dogs and can be yappy.

4. Min Pin Frise (Bichon Frise x Miniature Pinscher)

Created by breeding a Bichon Frise with a Miniature Pinscher, this sassy dog can have wiry or silky hair. A Min Pin Frise can develop deep bonds with their pet parents, leading to separation anxiety if left alone for endless hours.

5. Bospin (Boston Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

A dapper and jaunty designer dog, the Bospin is a cross between a Boston Terrier and Miniature Pinscher. With oversized ears and buggy eyes, this comical pup is impossible not to love!

6. King Pin (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Miniature Pinscher)

A King Pin is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Pinscher. While the name might suggest that this dog is a natural-born leader, the King Pin needs an experienced owner to take the lead and properly train and socialize them.

7. Chipin (Chihuahua x Miniature Pinscher)

chipin close up
Image By: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

The chipper little Chipin is a cross between a Miniature Pinscher and a Chihuahua. Petite yet protective, this small dog will always keep a watchful eye over your home.

8. Cockapin (Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Pinscher)

The Cockapin is a Miniature Pinscher and Cocker Spaniel mix. They can inherit the Cocker Spaniel’s longer coat or the Min-Pin’s short, sleek fur. This designer dog is brown, black, or tan.

9. Corpin (Corgi x Miniature Pinscher)

The loyal and loving Corpin is a cross between a Corgi and a Miniature Pinscher. With stubby legs, big ears, and a compact body, this hybrid dog breed is truly something special to see!

10. Doxie-Pin (Dachshund x Miniature Pinscher)

Doxie Pin smiling
Image By: Sarit Richerson, Shutterstock

The debonair Doxie-Pin was developed by crossing a Dachshund with a Miniature Pinscher. This small dog has a big-city attitude and always needs to be the center of attention.

11. French Pin (French Bulldog x Miniature Pinscher)

A crossbreed of the French Bulldog and Miniature Pinscher, the French Pin has huge ears and a heartwarming personality. This breed isn’t extremely energetic and can thrive in an apartment setting.

12. Italian Grey Min Pin (Italian Greyhound x Miniature Pinscher)

This designer breed was the result of crossing a Miniature Pinscher with an Italian Greyhound. Smart as a whip and super speedy, this agile and athletic hybrid dog excels at agility courses.

13. Minnie Jack (Jack Russell x Miniature Pinscher)

Are you a Jill looking for her Jack? Then meet the Minnie Jack! A cross between a Miniature Pinscher and a Jack Russell, this sweet and spunky dog is great for families with kids as well as active singles.

14. Malti-Pin (Maltese x Miniature Pinscher)

The Malti-Pin is a hybrid of a Miniature Pinscher and a Maltese. They can be small- to medium-sized dogs who love to play and learn new tricks.

15. Mini Fox Pinscher (Mini Fox Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

A high-energy dog, the Mini Fox Pinscher was developed by mixing a Miniature Pinscher with a Mini Fox Terrier. This pocket-sized pup needs at least an hour of exercise every day to keep them happy and healthy.

16. Miniature Schnaupin (Mini Schnauzer x Miniature Pinscher)

The Miniature Schnaupin is a cross between a Miniature Pinscher and a Mini Schnauzer. With long hair and a charming personality, this laidback dog loves to cuddle with you on the couch for hours on end.

17. Peke-A-Pin (Pekingese x Miniature Pinscher)

The adorable face of the Peke-A-Pin will make you want to play peek-a-boo with this designer dog for hours on end! A cross between a Pekingese and a Miniature Pinscher, this fluff ball is people-oriented and loves to please.

18. Pineranian (Pomeranian x Miniature Pinscher)

A Miniature Pinscher and Pomeranian mix, the playful Pineranian has huge, perky ears and is always eager to learn new tricks. This dog does best with an active and experienced owner.

19. Pinny Poo (Poodle x Miniature Pinscher)

The super-smart Pinny Poo was developed by breeding a Miniature Pinscher with a Poodle. Highly intelligent, this dog can effortlessly learn basic and complicated tricks. Positive reinforcement training methods work best for this designer dog breed.

20. Muggin aka Carlin Pinscher (Pug x Miniature Pinscher)

We’re sure you’ll love the cute little mug on the Muggin! A Miniature Pinscher and Pug cross, this lively and loving dog is curious and loves to play.

21. Rat Pinscher (Rat Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

A cross between a Rat Terrier and a Miniature Pinscher, this spunky little sparkplug is constantly on the go. The Rat Pinscher needs tons of physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and bad behavior.

22. Sheltie Pin (Shetland Sheepdog x Miniature Pinscher)

A mix of a Shetland Sheepdog and a Miniature Pinscher, the Sheltie Pin is as cute as pie! With long, silky hair and big ears, this dog is very smart and loves to please. Due to their high desire to herd, it’s critical to always supervise this dog when they’re interacting with your smaller pets, such as cats and bunnies.

23. Yorkie Pin (Yorkshire Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)

The Yorkie Pin is a hybrid breed created by breeding a Yorkie with a Miniature Pinscher. Peppy and playful, this designer dog can live to be 14 years old and is very easy to train.

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In Conclusion

If you’re on the hunt for a small dog with lots of love to give, a Miniature Pinscher mix could be the perfect pooch for you!

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