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How Big Will My Tibetan Mastiff Get? Weight & Growth Chart

Written by: Adam Mann

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Dogster Team

beautiful Tibetan mastiff

How Big Will My Tibetan Mastiff Get? Weight & Growth Chart

If you’re looking for a massive dog breed, the Tibetan Mastiff is certainly one the biggest dog breeds out there. But just how big is your Tibetan Mastiff going to get, and how long will it take them to get there? On average, a Tibetan Mastiff can weigh up to 160 pounds and a length of 30 inches! But it will all depend on different factors.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about how quickly you can expect this lovable giant to grow. That way, you have some idea of just how big your dog will get!

Tibetan Mastiff Breed Overview

While there’s no denying that the Tibetan Mastiff is a massive dog breed, they’re certainly lovable giants. They get along great with other kids and dogs, and for such a large breed, they actually have a pretty long average lifespan of between 10 and 12 years.

They’re great dogs but get ready for tons of hair, and it’s really best if you can find ways to keep them engaged with some kind of mentally stimulating activity or task. They’re great pups, but they’re not always the best choice for first-time dog owners simply because of their massive size.

Image Credit: Tatyana Kuznetsova, Shutterstock

Tibetan Mastiff Size and Growth Chart

As your Tibetan Mastiff grows up, they don’t stay small for long. Their exact weight and height will vary a ton depending on their exact age and a few other factors, but if you follow the chart below, you should have a good idea of how large you can expect them to get each step of the way!

The guide will also help you figure out if your Tibetan Mastiff is going to get to the larger side of things or if they’re going to stay on the smaller side of things. If they’re on the smaller or larger side of the scale at any point, it’s more likely that they’ll stay that way throughout their entire life.

Age Weight Range Length Range
2 months 10 to 25 pounds 11 to 14 inches
3 months 25 to 45 pounds 14 to 19 inches
4 months 30 to 65 pounds 15 to 19 inches
5 months 35 to 75 pounds 19 to 23 inches
6 months 40 to 85 pounds 20 to 24 inches
7 months 45 to 90 pounds 23 to 26 inches
8 months 50 to 95 pounds 24 to 26 inches
9 months 55 to 105 pounds 24 to 27 inches
10 months 55 to 115 pounds 24 to 28 inches
11 months 60 to 125 pounds 25 to 29 inches
12 months 60 to 135 pounds 26 to 29 inches
18 months 65 to 150 pounds 26 to 30 inches
24 months 70 to 160 pounds 26 to 30 inches

When Does a Tibetan Mastiff Stop Growing?

As a larger dog, a Tibetan Mastiff will typically keep growing longer than many other breeds. However, while a Tibetan Mastiff might continue to fill out a little after the 18-month mark, they’re usually all but full-grown at this point.

However, it is possible for them to put on a few more pounds and another inch between the 18-month mark and the 24-month mark.

three red tibetan mastiff dog
Image Credit: Kat_marinina, Shutterstock

Factors Affecting the Size of Tibetan Mastiff

There are a few different sizes that will go into determining how large your Tibetan Mastiff can get. By far, the most significant factor is their sex. Males tend to be much larger than females, but genetics will also play a huge factor.

Larger parents tend to produce larger offspring, and this is certainly true for a Tibetan Mastiff. You never know for sure, but on average, larger parents will lead to a larger puppy.

Ideal Diet for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

To keep your Tibetan Mastiff at a healthy weight, you need to stick with the right quantity of food. The exact amount your Tibetan Mastiff needs to eat will depend on their weight, but you can play it safe by sticking with the feeding recommendations for the specific food you go with.

The most important thing is that you don’t go overboard with treats, and you don’t feed your Tibetan Mastiff table scraps. If you do this while sticking with high-quality dog food, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping your Tibetan Mastiff at a healthy weight.

brown tibetan mastif
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock

How to Measure Your Tibetan Mastiff

If you need to get an accurate weight of your Tibetan Mastiff, it’s best to put them on the scale by themselves. While you can pick them up and subtract your weight, this becomes much harder as your Tibetan Mastiff reaches their full size.

To measure their height, you want to measure their haunches, which is the area just before their neck starts. Finally, ensure you’re not measuring their thick fur coat when taking this measurement, as it doesn’t count toward their height.

Summing Up

Now that you know a little more about how big and how fast your Tibetan Mastiff is going to get, all that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy the growth spurts. They’re adorable as puppies and as full-grown dogs, but once they reach their full size, there is no going back to the small puppy that could curl up in your lap!

Featured Image Credit: Tatyana Kuznetsova, Shutterstock

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