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Do Pomeranians Like Water? Swim & Water Safety Guide

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on April 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

pomeranian dog near pool with water

Do Pomeranians Like Water? Swim & Water Safety Guide

When the weather grows hotter, looking for opportunities to hop in some cool water is natural. Whether you have a pool or an accessible body of water, a day in the water can be a fun way to relax with the whole family—including your dog.

If you have a little Pomeranian, it is understandable that you may be hesitant to bring them along on your watery retreat. After all, this toy breed barely stands at 7 inches. One big wave could be more than enough to knock them down.

There’s no need to exclude your canine companion from your family outing, but keeping them out of the water may be best. Most Pomeranians do not enjoy swimming, as their long fur can easily weigh them down. However, if your Pomeranian is the rare exception that cannot get enough water, it will be important that you know how well a Pomeranian can swim.


How Well Can a Pomeranian Swim?

While a Pomeranian may enjoy splashing around in the shallow end, it is unlikely that they will be inclined to venture out much further. But if your Pomeranian is particularly adventurous, you must pay close attention to them, as Pomeranians do not tend to be good swimmers. They are a toy breed, so their musculature and stamina are limited.

Just because Pomeranians are not well-suited for swimming does not mean they cannot swim. With appropriate training and careful supervision, Pomeranians can safely enjoy short bursts of swimming. However, no matter how skilled your Pomeranian becomes, never let them swim alone. It only takes one moment of exhaustion or one large wave for your dog to be in trouble.

How to Teach Your Pomeranian to Swim

Pomeranians are playful and courageous pups, and teaching them to swim can be a lot of fun if your dog is interested in the water. If your Pomeranian is hesitant or disinterested in the water, don’t force them to swim. This will cause them to become fearful.

Necessary Preparation

Teaching your Pomeranian to swim will require more than just a body of water. You will want to bring your bathing suit, a life jacket for your dog, and floating toys.

Teaching Your Pomeranian to Swim

First, start in a shallow area of water. Equip your dog’s lifejacket and give them plenty of time to dip their paws into the water and see how they like it. Don’t rush this part, as it is essential to helping your dog adapt to new sensations. If rushed, your dog may become fearful or lose their confidence.

Once your dog is more comfortable, swim slightly deeper and encourage your dog to follow. Don’t go too far; any distance you go will be much larger for your Pomeranian. Bringing toys into the water can encourage your dog to swim deeper.

Let your dog swim for a few minutes, then take a break. Never overdo it with your Pomeranian, as too much activity can exhaust them. In the water, that can be especially dangerous. After repeating these steps a few times, you can slowly build your dog’s comfort and confidence around water.

pomeranian spitz swimming in water
Image By: Vadzim Mashkou, Shutterstock

Observing Water Safety

No matter how capable a swimmer your Pomeranian becomes, it is vital that you observe water safety at all times. Below are some tips on how to keep your dog safe while they are in the water.

1. Don’t Swim After Eating

If your Pomeranian swims immediately after eating, this may cause bloat. Bloat is a serious medical condition that can become rapidly fatal, so save all meals for after the water activity.

2. Make Sure Your Pomeranian’s Life Jacket Fits

A life vest is useless if it does not fit your dog correctly. It may be a serious safety hazard for your dog if it is too tight or loose.

pomeranian dog with a life jacket near a pool
Image Credit: Hutsun, Shutterstock

3. Always Supervise

This has been mentioned before, but it is worth repeating; always keep an eye on your dog. Ideally, it would be best if you swam alongside your dog in the water to ensure that you are there the moment any issues occur. You will need to monitor your dog for signs of heat stroke, especially since the Pomeranian can be prone to overheating.

4. Remember to Bring Drinking Water

Water from the pool, lake, or ocean is not safe or sufficient. You need to bring safe, fresh water for your dog to drink. To prevent your dog from drinking unsafe water on its own accord, hydrate prior to swimming.

Brown Pomeranian Puppy with a bowl Looking at Camera
Image Credit: Cup of Couple, Pexels

5. Pick a Safe Spot

If you are trying to teach your Pomeranian how to swim for the first time, you need to find a calm place to introduce them to the water. Pools, ponds, or small lakes are ideal.

Oceans and bodies of water with heavy currents are not advised for Pomeranians, as they can be easily swept away with the flow of the water. If you are visiting one such body of water, always have a hand on your dog.

Additionally, check the temperature of the water you will be swimming in. If it is too hot or cold, save the swimming for another day. Also, if it is rife with bacteria or other dangerous organisms, find a different place to swim.

6. Know When It Is Time to Rest

Never hesitate to take a break. Your Pomeranian may be an energetic pup, but that does not mean it can endure prolonged periods of intense activity. Short bursts of swimming followed by leisurely breaks are the best way to keep your Pomeranian safe and happy.

boy teaching a pomeranian dog to swim in shallow pool water
Image Credit: Vadzim Mashkou, Shutterstock

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Other Activities to Do with Your Pomeranian

If your Pomeranian decides swimming is not their favorite activity, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to keep your dog active, such as:

There are several ways to keep your hyperactive Pomeranian busy. As long as you know your dog’s limits and needs, you can turn any activity into something beneficial for them.



The Pomeranian does not tend to like swimming, nor is it an advanced swimmer. If you’re hoping to take a beach trip with your family, you may need to plan for your Pomeranian to relax on the beach. However, if your Pomeranian is insistent about exploring the water, you can teach them how to swim. Be sure to observe proper water safety and plan to entertain your dog with other activities if swimming turns out to be less than fun for them.

Featured Image Credit: thanai asawaroengchai, Shutterstock

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