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Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix: Guide, Pictures, Care & More

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Dogster Team

Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix parents - Featured Image

Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix: Guide, Pictures, Care & More

What do you get when you cross a massive, protective, loyal Cane Corso and a medium-sized spunky, adventurous Australian Shepherd? There are tons of possibilities in the mix! Right up front, we want to point out that this is not a standard hybrid you typically see, so regulations will be nonexistent.

Here we will explain what to expect if you get a Cane Corso Australian mix puppy, if you adopt one at a shelter, and what you can expect from ownership.

Breed Overview


18–28 inches


31–110 pounds


10–15 years


White, blue, silver, red, brown, gray, black, brindle, merle

Suitable for:

Active families, owned homes, homes with fenced-in yards


Very loyal, extremely energetic, willful, eager to please, stubborn

If you’re looking for a powerful breed capable of protecting your home while making an excellent family companion, the Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix might work for your home life. You take the beautiful coat possibilities of the Australian Shepherd and mix them with the robust nature of the Cane Corso and get one impressive specimen.

However, there are no regulations on this breed, as it is a mixed breed puppy resulting from breeding a Cane Corso and Australian Shepherd. It is hard to tell what you’ll get! But we will talk about all of the possibilities so you can judge whether or not this is the type of dog you want to bring into your home.

Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Characteristics

High-energy dogs will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy, while low-energy dogs require minimal physical activity. It’s important when choosing a dog to make sure their energy levels match your lifestyle or vice versa.
Easy-to-train dogs are more skilled at learning prompts and actions quickly with minimal training. Dogs that are harder to train will require a bit more patience and practice.
Some breeds, due to their size or their breeds potential genetic health issues, have shorter lifespans than others. Proper exercise, nutrition, and hygiene also play an important role in the lifespan of your pet.
Some dog breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every dog will have these issues, but they have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.
Some dog breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other dogs. More social dogs have a tendency to run up to strangers for pets and scratches, while less social dogs shy away and are more cautious, even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed, it’s important to socialize your dog and expose them to lots of different situations.

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Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Puppies

Accidents happen! When you see two breeds like the Cane Corso and Australian Shepherd mixed together, it was likely an oops litter from a private owner who didn’t get their dog fixed quickly enough.

These dogs can wind up in shelters or sold by private owners. Each comes with its own set of things to be aware of.

Cane Corso Australian Shepherds are considered a mixed breed dog. No designer dog association connects the two; therefore, they are likely the product of accidental or backyard breeding. Many of these dogs’ overall personality traits will be a little muddled, as it’s hard to tell what you’ll get.

These two breeds are extremely different from one another and can foster quite a few possibilities regarding appearance, health, and temperament. Because it is unpredictable, early socialization is a must. If you are buying an adult, meet and greets with current pets and children should ensure compatibility.

If you buy from a private seller, it is imperative to know if there has been any vetting done, what living conditions the dog has been in, and all about the parents’ temperament. Often in these circumstances, you are taking the owner’s word as to the origin of the breed.

Sometimes, backyard breeders will get their hands on purebred dogs and try to breed them for a profit. In these circumstances, many dogs are not taken care of properly and never receive the appropriate vetting. You might notice lower-than-average costs or other suspicious circumstances.

You can find Cane Corso Australian Shepherds from private sellers anywhere from free to $500+. Shelters will complete all applicable vetting, including parasite treatment, spay and neuter surgery, and vaccinations. You can expect to pay between $150 and $300.

Parent breeds of the Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix
Image by: Left – Sbolotova, Shutterstock | Right – Maud Slaats, Unsplash

Temperament & Intelligence of the Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix 🧠

No matter how you dissect it, one thing is for certain, this breed combo will produce one smart cookie. Both parent breeds are incredibly intelligent dogs with extremely strong minds and excellent physical power—in different regards, of course.

Australian Shepherds are revered for their smarts. They can outsmart just about anyone or anything. They are so brilliant they can be challenging for novice dog owners. Because they have such a high need for mental stimulation, keeping up with them sometimes can be complicated.

They require frequent attention and do not fare well in situations where they’re in a kennel all day. They much prefer to be out and about and do very well in homes with lots of land or large fenced-in backyards.

Cane Corsos are also highly intelligent canines and fare best with constant direction. Leaving a Cane Corso to its own devices can become increasingly challenging to manage as they can be stubborn and dominant. If they are an owner they can walk all over, they will most certainly try. This makes them unsuitable for novice owners as well.

However, these dogs are exceptionally loyal, affectionate, and rewarding for the right families. Without constant reinforcement, however, Canes often operate instinctually. They tend to treat outsiders (furry and human alike) with suspicion, and even aggression is possible.

Since these dogs are so vastly different in personality, it’s hard to tell exactly what to expect. However, one thing you can be sure of is that they will be challenging, stubborn, and require a firm hand. They are certainly not for the weak of heart.

However, with proper guidance and training, they can make exceptional companions.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

These dogs could be exceptional family members to the right owners. However, they certainly won’t be for everyone. This combination could be quite a challenge since you’re crossing such a wide variety of possible outcomes in personality.

Australian Shepherds tend to be very appealing family dogs because they have very playful personalities and mesh well with various age groups. However, they can be a little overbearing at times and don’t do well being left alone for long periods.

Cane Corsos are extremely loyal dogs who serve and protect their families. They are incredibly connected to their pack members and love nothing more than being with their people. On the flip side, they can have some aggressive tendencies and often don’t care for strangers.

When you combine the breeds, you can have a somewhat unpredictable outcome. This leaves room to have an awesome dog that meets your expectations. Or, on the downside, they could exhibit several bad traits of both breeds, making them rather hard to handle.

This breed would work best for experienced owners, definitely not first-timers. There are far too many unknown variables. Since they are a hybrid that breeders don’t regulate in any way, lots of “unknowns” exist—so certainly know what you can about both breeds before you take it on.

However, these dogs can be quite rewarding, so we certainly don’t want to discourage you from checking them out. If you want to know if a dog would make a good fit for your family, you can try meet and greets for adult dogs—or properly socialize and opt for the professional training for a puppy.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets? 🐶 😽

There is a potential here that this mix can get along with other pets, especially if they are socialized early. However, it can be the opposite as well.

Cane Corsos can have good relationships with other dogs, but often there can be an element of same-sex aggression. They might also have a high prey drive that causes some issues with smaller pets, like cats.

Australian Shepherds might chase a little, or even nip at the heels of other animals to keep them in line. However, this can turn into a quarrel if the other dog or animal doesn’t take kindly to it. It is a breed characteristic and totally to be expected.

Because Aussies love to play and chase, they can have a very high prey drive. Cane Corsos can be very aggressive or predatory to other pets. This is only sometimes the case, of course. Some can get along beautifully with other pets, but you should know all possibilities.

Use your best judgment, and never leave any smaller animals alone with your dog. Anything could happen!

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Things to Know When Owning a Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Nutrition is highly vital for any dog—including a Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix. As a puppy, your guy or gal will burn many calories. Plus, their bodies need a wide array of nutrients to grow properly.

Puppies need DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid derived from cold-water fish like salmon. It plays a critical role in brain development. Puppy kibble might also contain other important joint and muscle elements like chondroitin and glucosamine.

As a juvenile, the puppy will need a high-quality, protein-rich kibble, wet canned food, or a fresh food recipe to keep up with dietary needs. As they reach adulthood, they will need a maintenance diet instead.

The pet food industry is ever-changing as nutritionists learn more about canines dietary needs. Fresh foods are rising, offering subscription-based services that deliver pre-packaged meals right to your door.

Dry kibble and wet canned food options are still prevalent—just make sure it is a quality brand and recipe without a ton of harsh ingredients or fillers.

Exercise 🐕

Your Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix will need a ton of exercise, especially as a puppy and juvenile. A Cane Corso will need around 2 hours, and so do Australian Shepherds! Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation—so be prepared to challenge this pup.

You can split up the activity throughout the day in short bursts or long walks. These dogs will love agility training, runs, jogs, hikes, and playtime at the dog park. However, if you leave this pup to their own devices, make sure they are properly secured!

A fenced-in yard is a must! These dogs can be escape artists. You must have proper restraints and enclosures to protect and keep them safe.

Training 🎾

Both the Cane Corso and Australian Shepherd are incredibly intelligent breeds with much potential in the training department. They will be capable of learning even extremely complex tasks. Since they are sometimes too smart for their own good, they will need much guidance during training.

Australian Shepherds are often used in lines of service due to their keen intelligence and ability to learn effectively. However, these high-energy dogs can be hard to keep focused, especially as juveniles. As you learn from each other, it gets easier.

Cane Corsos are also incredibly brilliant dogs and can be trained to be exquisite guarding animals. However, because of their dominant inclination, they will easily run all over owners if they can get by with it. These dogs always require a firm hand and consistent training.

If you put in the time and energy, you can have an adequately trained dog in no time. However, if you are not experienced with dog training, you might require a professional hand.

Professional trainers will help you utilize the necessary tools to create a mannerly, well, socialized, well-behaved pup. While training can be expensive, it can benefit your overall relationship. Even if you do opt for professional training, you still need to be a very present and willing participant.

Training might start in the trainer’s presence, but you carry it on at home. Some training programs require your dog to go away for a few days to start the process. In other training courses, you can take your dog with you to train alongside them. It will ultimately depend on your circumstances as to which works best.

Grooming ✂️

The Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix can vary drastically in terms of appearance. Australian Shepherds have long, flowing coats that tend to shed a lot. Cane Corsos have a single layer of tight short fur. Your Cane Corso Australian shepherd mix can fall anywhere in between.

So it makes it quite challenging to understand fully what to expect. Often, as puppies, you can get a strong indication of what their coat will look like as adults. If the dog in question is already an adult, you can judge their grooming needs based on its current coat type.

If your Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix takes after the Corso parent, you can expect grooming needs to be very light and straightforward. However, if they take after the Australian Shepherd side, you can expect daily brushing and moderate to high coat maintenance.

Either way, your puppy or dog will need a bath once every 4 to 6 weeks to keep up with general hygiene. They also need ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail trimming as needed. Acclimating them to brushing early in life will make the process more seamless as time goes on.

Health and Conditions ❤️

A Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix can present genetic health issues from either parent. Since these pups are often unplanned, many puppies also lack early vetting. So, as soon as you get your pup, it is crucial to take them in to get to know their veterinarian.

Tons of companies on the market offer health insurance for our domestic companions. We highly recommend getting pet health insurance soon as possible. This will alleviate a lot of the stress associated with owning a dog, so you can financially support your dog when it comes down to it.

Here are some of the significant conditions with both parent breeds so you can get a good idea on what you might expect. With regular vetting, you can get ahead of most developing health issues and know how to respond accordingly if something is to go wrong.

Minor Conditions
  • Demodex mange
  • Cataracts
  • Eyelid abnormalities
Serious Conditions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Idiopathic epilepsy
  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Dogster_Website dividers_v1_Jan 18 2024-01-TESTMale vs. Female

Like most canines, Cane Corsos and Australian Shepherds tend to have a size variation between males and females. The males are always slightly bigger, more muscular, and stockier than the females. However, since this is a mixed breed, you can get any possibility in between.

Cane Corsos are typically thicker and much more muscular, while Australian Shepherds have a lean tone. Some males might be smaller than females and some females might be significantly larger than males. It’s a gamble here.

Cane Corsos often have problems with same-sex aggression. That means, if you have a female Cane Corso, they might be very dominant over or aggressive towards other females. The same goes for males. Because this is pretty prevalent, you might run into this issue with your pup.

Early socialization can play a role in avoiding this. Other times, hormones just take their toll, and it is what it is. Regardless of gender, you will have to get your dog spayed or neutered.


3 Little-Known Facts About The Cane Corso Australian Shepherd Mix

1. Australian Shepherds and Cane Corso breeds hail from different continents.

Believe it or not, Australian Shepherds originated in the United States. These dogs helped out on farms and ranches. Cane Corsos are also referred to as Italian Mastiffs— making them European.

2. Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mixes may or may not be brachycephalic.

Cane Corsos are brachycephalic, which means they have a shortened muzzle and protruding eyes. Australian shepherds, on the other hand, have long snouts. This mix can have one or the other and anything in between.

3. Originally, Cane Corsos and Aussies both had roles on the farm.

While different, Cane Corsos and Australian Shepherds both had roles on farms at one point. Cane Corsos were guard dogs that protected the property. Australian Shepherds were flock animals that kept the farm animals in line.

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Final Thoughts

At most, the actual definitive knowledge on this hybrid breed will be a toss-up at best. It is hard to tell exactly what this pup will look like physically or act like mentally. So, you have a real surprise! Be sure you’re experienced enough with canines to be up to the challenge.

Always use your best judgment! The Cane Corso Australian Shepherd mix can be an excellent family companion with the proper training. As a dog owner, you must ensure that they receive the proper care specialized to the unique breed combination.

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