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Boxer Dog Breeds & Colors (With Pictures)

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

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Boxer Dog Breeds & Colors (With Pictures)

Technically, there is only one breed of Boxer. However, there are slight differences between Boxer types depending on where the dogs are bred. Therefore, these dogs are typically split into categories based on their home origin. Three different types of Boxer dogs make up the Boxer breed, and there are four different colors that all types of Boxers could be.

Here is everything that you need to know about the different Boxer types and their colors.

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The 3 Boxer Types

1. German Boxer

German boxer on a leash
Image Credit: Michaela Ludwig, Pixabay

This is known as the traditional Boxer, as the original breed was developed in Germany. The German Boxer typically carries the most muscle mass over the other types. They are typically a little larger in size overall. These dogs are also different from the other two types of Boxers in that their snouts are shorter than the American version and wider than the U.K. version. German Boxers maintain the traditional temperament and features of their ancestors.

2. American Boxer

Image Credit: Peakpx

American Boxers do not have wrinkles, and they have smooth, sleek coats that set them apart from the other two types of Boxers. This type of Boxer dog is known for their calm yet playful disposition and patience with children. Most American Boxers are bred for show reasons, so they tend to be more elegant and graceful than other types of Boxers. These dogs are popular as pets because of their intelligence, loyalty, and affection for human companions.

3. United Kingdom (English) Boxer

English boxer on the grass
Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

The United Kingdom or English Boxer is tall, resilient, and eager to please. They were first recognized by the Kennel Club in the late 1940s and are still one of the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom. These dogs tend to have thin, sleek legs and small paws with sharp nails. They are the smallest of the Boxer types, yet they maintain strong, muscular bodies that help them win on the agility field. Most U.K. Boxers are wary of strangers, yet protective of their human companions.


The 4 Boxer Colors

1. Brindle Boxer

Adult Brindle Boxer
Image Credit: cortez13, Pixabay

Brindle is a popular Boxer dog color coat pattern that all three types of Boxers may display. The pattern has streaks of darker colors overlaying a base color that is typically red or fawn. It gives these dogs a marbling effect and added depth. The streaks can be thin or thick and may produce “messy” patterns over the body.

2. Fawn Boxer

Boxer at the beach
Image Credit: Marco-willy, Pixabay

Fawn is a base color that can range from light tan to light red. Some fawn Boxers are shades of yellow, brown, and even mahogany. When most people think of Boxers, they think of fawn dogs because they are the most common and the most widely recognized in kennel clubs in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

3. White Boxer

white boxer at home
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

White Boxers are not common, and some even argue that they are subpar compared to the other colors that Boxers come in. These are not albino dogs, and they are not susceptible to any health conditions that other Boxers are not. They are simply white Boxers with charming personalities and loyal dispositions.

4. Black Boxer

Black boxer dog inside home
Image Credit: Victoria Rak, Shutterstock

The truth is that Boxers are never black. They do not have the genes required to develop black coats, but that does not stop breeders from advertising puppies for sale as “black” Boxers. The reason for this is that some brindle Boxers are extremely dark and have a type of brindle markings called “seal” brindle. This means that the dark streak patterns are so thick and close together, that they cover up the lighter-colored coat underneath, which makes the dog with this pattern look black to the naked eye.


In Conclusion

Boxers are awesome dogs that make great pets and companions. All three types of Boxers are intelligent, strong, and family-oriented. The type of Boxer that one chooses as a pet depends on the specific looks and body composition that a potential owner is most interested in. No matter what type of Boxer you may end up with, you’re sure to appreciate your new pet’s personality and stamina. Which type of Boxer interests you the most?

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Featured Image Credit: cortez13, Pixabay

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