Claire Primo, CVT, ACMT, FFCP

Claire Primo, CVT, ACMT, FFP, is a veterinary nurse and certified animal massage therapist residing in Lyons, Colo. She specializes in senior pet care, holistic veterinary nurse care, and empowering guardians with the tools and guidance needed for a healthy and nurturing relationship with their pets through her veterinary nurse practice, Peak Animal Wellness & Massage. Follow her Facebook page here and her Instagram page here.

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How To Massage A Dog With Arthritis: 4 Expert Tips

If you’ve been lucky enough to love a dog, you know that many develop some level of arthritis. Arthritis, or joint inflammation, most commonly appears in senior dogs; however, young dogs are also susceptible. Managing dog arthritis involves pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intervention, as well as lifestyle and environmental adaptations. Include massage therapy in this list

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