Dogster HQ Celebrates National Mutt Day with a Visit to Muttville!

 |  Dec 2nd 2011  |   23 Contributions

Today is National Mutt Day, and Dogsters everywhere are encouraged to seek out and hug as many mutts as they possibly can over the next 24 hours. (That's an order!)

The girls at Dogster HQ got a head start on celebrating by visiting Muttville Senior Dog Rescue's headquarters in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood earlier in the week.

The visit was bittersweet because we were mainly there to drop off some of Lucy's belongings (Lucy was our community manager Lori's Basset, who recently went to the bridge), but there were so many adorable pups on the premises that we couldn't help but smile and squee and make complete fools of ourselves as we sat on the floor surrounded by these little angels.

Anna, our social media scientist (yes), goes completely nuts in the most adorable way when introduced to cute creatures. Hearing her squeak while browsing the web is one of the best parts of working at Dogster HQ, so I'm thrilled that there is a little bit of that battiness in this little video we made while at Muttville.

We also got to sit down and briefly interview the rescue's founder, Sherri Franklin:



Muttville will soon get a facility of its very own, but for now the rescue is based out of Sherri's home (bless her) and run out of the homes of dozens of volunteers. Here are some photos from our visit:

Pictured left to right: Pappi (Muttville's newest mutt!); Lori; the Muttville mailbox; Anna; and Vicky, our associate editor.

Anna fell in love with Pappi within minutes. We all wanted to take him home! Would you believe he's already 7?!

Lori with Sherri, Pong, and Ping.

Left to right: Me making out with Kenny; one of Sherri's own dogs; some harnesses to hasten adoption!

Vicky, showing Pong some love. Note the matching sweaters!

Close-up on Pappi. He looks like a puppy, no?

Left to right: Sherri; a dog pile; and the Muttville Mutt Board.

Dogsters: How will you celebrate National Mutt Day?


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