Are Checkups Treats Dangerous?

 |  Apr 20th 2008  |   113 Contributions

Last night I gave all the Ward Pack members a Checkups Treat, one of those chewy treats that are supposed to help clean dogs' teeth. This was the first time I tried them but its probably the last as well.

I've been very suspicious of these kinds of treats since the Greenies debacle. But someone I trust said her dogs liked them so I carefully read the package at Costco. It said that there was no plastic, it was made in the US and seemed otherwise okay. I know that Costco still carried the deadly chicken jerky but I usually like the Costco products. So I bought a package.

I'm taking it back on the next Costco trip.

Like I said, last night I gave everybody a Checkups. About thirty minutes later I was talking with a friend and Beatrice started gagging and coughing. Then she threw up what looked like hard cottage cheese. I was perplexed because she had not had anything that looked like cottage cheese -- until I remembered the Checkups. Thankfully she had thrown it up. Things could have been much worse.

Have you had a similar event in your home with your furbaby? If so, please bark in. It could be that Beatrice is the only one to have a problem with Checkups. If that's the case, then I don't want to warn people wrongly.


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