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Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  YesLeash Required:  No
Restrooms Nearby:  NoNight Lighting:  No
Benches:  YesTrash Cans:  Yes
Disposal Bags:  YesWater Fountain:  Yes
Dogs:  YesCats:  Yes
Volunteer program:  YesFoster homes needed:  Yes
Feral cat program:  YesLow-cost vaccine:  Yes
Pet survivor program:  YesSpay & neuter support:  Yes
Programs for kids & teens:  Yes

Surface type:Grass
Size:0 acre

“This dog park is the best park ever. It is completely fenced in, there are toys, fresh running water, a dog ramp into the river, a hose to clean your dog off and plenty of room to run and play. For humans there is a lovely view of the water, covered picnic tables and a warm and friendly atmosphere. All dog of all shapes and sizes. It is even double fenced at the entrance so your dog can not get out as someone comes or goes. 4 out of 4 STARS!”

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4edited: July 26th, 2012

One of the better dog parks around

Plenty of room for running around and is one of the few parks that actually has grass inside the fence instead of just a plot of dirt. There are two hoses available for drinking water and the plastic pool inside the fence and a ramp to access the bay for swimming. There is even a live webcam on the PETA site to go check out what is going on before you head over. There is also a trash bin on the way out so you don't have to take anything with you to throw it away. One downfall is it is not monitored and sometimes the dog owner's don't pay attention and allow their aggressive dogs to bully the others, but that doesn't seem any different than other parks - just need to go tell the dbags to leave.

posted: July 26th, 2012

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1posted: June 10th, 2010


Not even the views of the water make up for the horribly snobby and closed minded people who frequent this park. If you dog happens to like to run, play, jump, sniff, poop, pee, wrestle, or greet people then this is NOT the park for you. Basically, if your dog shows any natural canine behavior then you are not welcome. If your dog is purebred and enjoys laying in your lap in its neatly pressed dress.. might be a good fit for you. So thoroughly disappointed with the quality of people and lack of understanding of letting dogs be dogs. Don't get me wrong, our dog has been trained in obedience school and has never shown a sign of aggression but we were literally asked to leave because they were afraid he would bite. He has absolutely no history of biting or nipping, but has features that resemble some of the bully breeds. Don't waste your time. There are also no toys and no clean water. What an awful experience.

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5posted: November 13th, 2009

A great park.

This is one of the best Parks around. I enjoy this park a lot. Even though I don't partake in going in the water. There are a few snobby owners around. But that doesn't stop me from having my fun.

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