Abrams Royal Animal Clinic

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“Dr. Jim Murray Dr. Janie A. Carpenter”

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2posted: July 10th, 2007


We've been going here for 20+ years, they've killed 2 of our family dogs (only one on purpose), and we all hate this place, yet we continue to go for convenience, as they're right down the street. Dr. Murray is the worst thing about this clinic. He is so rough with the animals. He knows everything he's supposed to know from the books (except nutrition as with most vets), but he doesn't love animals as you would expect a vet to. He is mainly in it for the money. You can tell by having a 5 minute conversation with him, because he'll try to make you buy something. He's also one of those vets that's paid to heavily push Science Diet on customers. Dr. Carpenter, on the other hand, is a very nice lady who loves animals. She was recently appointed as a Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner. The problem is, she is only there once a week. So, basically I don't like this clinic at all, and don't recommend them to anyone unless you for some reason like Dr. Murray, or only go the days that Dr. Carpenter is there.


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