Prancing Paws Animal Rescue

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Dogs:  YesCats:  Yes
Small dog only:  NoOlder dog only:  No
Volunteer program:  YesFoster homes needed:  Yes
Sanctuary:  YesFeral cat program:  Yes
Microchipping:  YesLow-cost vaccine:  Yes
Pet survivor program:  YesSpay & neuter support:  Yes
Owner assistance service:  NoPrograms for kids & teens:  Yes

Breed specific:None

“We rescue stray, unwanted, dumped, and abused cats. We run this rescue out of homes, so all of cats are socialized with other cats, dogs, and kids. We are a no-kill rescue so if the cat is not adopted it will live out the rest of it's life with the foster family. We accept owner surrenders with donations. We also try to reduce the feral cat population by the use of TNR. We are dedicated to trying to improve the lives of Philadelphia's cat population.”

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1edited: July 29th, 2013


To Whom It May Concern: Prancing Paws presents itself as a safe haven for animals. This could not be further from the truth. My family purchased two kittens from them. They began perfectly healthy. However, they would not let us complete the adoption until the kittens were fixed. We were very insistent about having our personal vet do this. They refused. They took the kittens to be fixed at a place affiliated with their company. Afterwards, they dropped the kittens off at a random volunteer’s house. We had no say in the matter. We originally trusted Prancing Paws to do this because we were introduced to them through the Petco in Bensalem, PA. When we went to pick them up, the woman who answered the door called inside one of her cats. She said she kept a lot of outdoor cats. She also said she let our kittens run loose with her cats. Apparently Prancing Paws did not care enough to instruct this woman about proper hygiene before sending other people’s animals to her. Not long after the kittens arrived home, they developed bald spots. The skin began crumpling off them and they were left with wet open wounds. We went to our personal vet and he said it was a very contagious infection. After telling him how we adopted them, the vet said that Prancing Paws was responsible. When we called the representative from Prancing Paws and told him what happened, he made it very clear that he did not care. He said that he was not responsible for anything that happened after he sold the kittens to us. We explained about the volunteer’s unhygienic environment and he said that it was not his problem. He seemed to find the whole situation amusing, as if it were a regular occurrence. He mockingly declared that there was nothing I could do about it. The owner of Prancing Paws, Val Frazier, was unavailable for comment on this issue. When we contacted Petco, they denied responsibility. They said they were no longer associated with Prancing Paws and would not take responsibility for their unsafe standards of animal care. The disease could have spread to my dog, my young niece and nephew and anyone else in my household. We must now treat them at our own expense. Someone else in these circumstances might have given the animals up to the SPCA to protect her family from getting sick. In such a circumstance, the kittens might very well have been put down. Prancing Paws claims to be a no-kill shelter, but their unsafe practices may lead many animals to lose their lives. Do not adopt from Prancing Paws. Their careless attitudes and practices endanger the animals they claim to help. Please make it clear to Prancing Paws that endangering animals is not a laughing matter. Contact them at I am sending this letter to multiple locations, so you may see it more than once. If you care about animals at all, please spread the word. Sincerely, Stacy Affleck

posted: July 29th, 2013


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