Chow Chows to the Rescue

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Dogs:  YesCats:  No
Small dog only:  NoOlder dog only:  No
Volunteer program:  YesFoster homes needed:  Yes
Feral cat program:  No

Breed specific:Chow Chow

“This site is dedicated to finding loving adoptive homes for rescued chows and chow mixes in need. Most dogs listed here are in the Ohio area. Sadly, countless chows are put to sleep each week in Ohio & throughout the country--not because of aggression or bad behavior but as a result of being unwanted. The price of dog overpopulation caused by irresponsible backyard breeders & puppymillers is paid in blood by the dogs that lose their lives. Please help stem the tide --adopt a rescue or shelter dog, report puppymillers & call your senators, representatives,mayor,etc about new laws to prevent this ultimate cruelty. ”

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