Great Lakes Brewing Company

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5posted: September 6th, 2007

Dog menu :)

I was also at the Dog Day's of Summer event and agree with Buddy, it is a great place. It was such a fun day for us pooches. Mom and I arrived early and was able to enjoy a relaxing lunch in the Great Lakes Brewery's courtyard. They provided a seperate menu for me to order from. When my order of wheat pretzels arrived I also received a dog dish to take home. The server was very accomodating and made sure I was comfortable and brought me my own waterbowl when we were seated. It was such a fun day that we will be sure to make it an annual event. If you are in the Cleveland area be sure to check out their website for upcoming events. The staff was very dog friendly and how nice of the GLB to host such an a event. They closed the street and even set up pools for those who love to take a dip. Defintely a place to check out.


5posted: August 28th, 2007


Great place for my pooch! I had the pleasure of attending a "Dog Days of Summer" event a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Many well behaved dogs, large and small, and a special dog menu. They had a dog charicature artist, dog massage, and a dog psychic. As seen from the long wait for dinner, more restaurants should do this in Cleveland. Great Lakes is a role model for a way to build loyalty among your clientele.


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