Northside Veterinary Clinic

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233 Berry Street
new york, NY 11211

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5posted: July 14th, 2008

Very nice, helpful and thorough

Took Star in to repair an ingrown toenail. Saw Dr. Mann, who was very nice. He fixed her paw, and also did bloodwork (since she hadn't been to the vet in several years, and gave me advice on changing her diet to help her lose weight. I would highly recommend this place!


4posted: December 16th, 2007

They Are Very Helpful.

Mom has taken Chico, Spud and Myself over there; Nina goes somewhere else because she has something called Diabetes...anyway, Mom loves Northside, and says Dr. Eisner is kind and sweet. She would like to make note, however, that Dr. Daniel Leiman (her husband) has a horrible bedside manner and has a tendency to misdiagnose on a whim - and send the pet owner into a heart attack before then really looking at the evidence and finding out what's wrong. She took my brother Chico in one day and he said "Oh, your dog is definitely a Cushnoid animal" - meaning that he had Cushing's disease...and this was from a glance at a liver blood test. After my Mom recovered from nearly fainting and thinking my brother was going to die, did Leiman say "oh, sorry, I was wrong." Mom says go there, it's a great place, but get Dr. Eisner or else the young blonde/balding doctor that fills in for them. He's very nice. They are also kind of expensive, but Dr. Eisner does accupuncture and pushes healthy food. It's worth it if you don't see Dr. Leiman.


3edited: May 18th, 2010

Not as good as it was...

Dr. Eisner and Dr. Lehiman are good doctors with no bedside manners. Since Dr. Mann left their practice to open his own clinic (Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Clinic) we recommend following him over there for the kind and loving care others have written about here...

posted: August 8th, 2007


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