Light Street Animal Hospital

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5posted: March 3rd, 2007

Great Vet! (for a vet)

Dr. T, who owns Light Street, is an excellent vet. He regularly returns phone calls, does not "overtest," regularly addresses my mom's cares and concerns with both me and my canine sis, and always manages to fit us it if we need him, even on his busiest days.


5posted: February 8th, 2007

Light Street Animal Hospital -- Fantastic Vet

Dr. T is awesome. His vet is always crowded, he seems to know everypup and owner by name, and he always manages to squeeze us in on the same day when an emergency arises. He has always returned my phone calls, always calls me with test results in a timely manner, and does not unnecessarily test, but rather does only what he thinks is necessary (after explaining all options to me and giving me his opinion). I have only heard positive comments from other dog owners in the area, and quite honestly I don't know of anyone who goes elsewhere. Dr. T's prices are also reasonable, especially considering that Federal Hill is an area in which businesses tend to jack up the rates because it's a higher-end neighborhood. One other comment: don't be fooled or concerned by the look or lack of space in the waiting room. I once had a good friend (who was also a vet in another state) tell me that so often, people are paying for slick-looking waiting rooms rather than excellent service. Abby can be dog-aggressive when leashed, and the staff has always made accommodations for her when we go in, if other dogs are in the waiting room. So, while the waiting room isn't fancy or large, the service is well worth it! I highly recommend Light Street Animal Hospital!


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