Angell Animal Medical Center

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350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130
(617) 466-9946

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Categories [ edit ]
Veterinarians & Specialists

Attributes [ edit ]
On site laboratory:  YesInternal medicine:  Yes
Oncology:  YesChemotherapy:  Yes
Opthalmology:  YesDermatology:  Yes
Allergy:  YesDentistry:  Yes
Holistic services:  NoCardiology:  Yes
Physical therapy:  YesGeriatric medicine:  Yes
Nutrition counseling:  YesAcupuncture:  Yes
Behavioralists/Therapists:  Yes

“Provides excellent veterinary care for all pets. Many specialty services available, from general medicine to surgery to dentistry to diagnostic imaging, all provided by specialty board-certified vets. The Emergency Service department is open 24/7 and staffed with emergency and critical care specialists.”

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5posted: June 7th, 2009


I'm reading these reviews by people who live in Boston and own exotic pets and they're complaining about Angell? A person who lives in Boston, in a cold and harsh climate, shouldn't have an exotic pet in the first place Having an exotic pet in Boston is being irresponsible. These pets are meant and designed to live in warm hot often tropical climates. Complain about Angell?? I've seen people at Angell who are bringing in sick iguanas. Wrong. Rethink your decisions to own an exotic pet. Find a nice cold-loving dog.


1posted: April 1st, 2009

Jack died

This review has been carefully worded and is based only on the medical record that I had to pay for and my own opinions because I was served with a cease and desist order for a review I posted on another site. On 7/5 Jack had a root canal performed at a local dentist. Jack's medical history has included a total hip replacement, so he has a foreign object in his body. On 7/13 Jack's leg, the one that has a pin in it from the hip, swelled rapidly. It was after office hours for his family Vet so I brought him to the hospital. Jack was on antibiotics provided by the dentist and I gave those to the hospital. On 7/14 the Vet performed a fine needle aspiration. I believe this was to check for bacteria in the site of inflammation. (Note that this is my opinion based on expert reports) I have asked for the lab results for this test, but have not been given them. Again remember that I paid for a FULL copy of Jack's medical record. In the documented communications on 7/25 at 16:51 the vet wrote that "Only options are surgery to remove the leg or euthanasia." we may not get it all as there may be CANCER CELLS in other part of the body '"O would like to proceed with the surgery" I then paid 1/2 of the cost of the surgery. The surgery was not done. The lab results list limits for white blood counts (WBC) 6.0 - 14.3. 7/14 - the WBC result is 17.3 7/23 the WBC result is 39.0. 8/2 the record lists the current medications; it does not show any antibiotics. 8/4 prednisone was prescribed by Dr. Vishkautsan. Prednisone is sometimes used to treat some times of CANCER. Jack was not on antibiotics for at least 6 days. 810 the WBC result is 63.2. I'm assuming that anyone reading this has had the same basic science and has learned one of the functions of White Blood Cells and what an increase might mean. Since I have had basic science courses I did ask the vet about the WBC being more than double and then triple the high end of the limit. I also learned in basic science that dental surgery can cause an infection to spread in the body, and foreign objects in a body can be a magnet for infection. What I did not learn in basic science is what effect prednisone would have on a body that was infected with bacteria. If you are reading reviews I will assume that you care about your medical needs and if you don't know the problem that prednisone can cause, you will make it a point to find out. 8/13 Jack went into cardiac arrest. Jack died. It is public record on when a vet receives their license in MA. According to the State of MA website, the vet that wrote "the only options" quote above had only had her license to practice medicine for 3 months. I paid the hospital just under $10,000 while Jack was suffering. When Jack died I had a balance of approximately $2800. I have refused to pay this amount. A necropsy was preformed. I have had three vets not associated with the hospital explain the results to me. They have told me that Jack's body was LOADED WITH INFECTION WHICH CAUSED HIS DEATH; THERE WAS NO SIGNS OF CANCER. I am being sued for the remaining $2800. I have spent close to $20,000 in fees associated with the suit. We go to court on 4/6/09. In the answers to interrogatories Dr. Vishkautsan writes that 'never told O that Jack had cancer, (see above; prednisone and amputation remarks) and still an not say that Jack did not have cancer'. (I have paraphrased here as I don't have the court docs in front of me) I'm pretty sure that nothing that I have written can be considered defamation as it is based on documentation provided by the hospital, my own opinions and my junior high science lessons.


5posted: June 1st, 2008


Jack was just recently neutered at the MSPCA SNAP clinic. It's behind Angell but I'm not sure if it's separate. Anyway, I had a wonderful experience with them. So didn't Jack! Because we met their financial limit, for $125 they neutered Jack (who had an undescended testicle), gave him a complete physical, a Heartworm test and a month's woth of medication, a dose of Frontline Plus and a Home Again microchip! They would have given him his rabies and distemper shots if he needed them. Oh and they also found an abdominal hernia and fixed it! All this for $125! Can't beat it!


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