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P O Box 19755
New Orleans , LA 70179

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1posted: February 21st, 2015

Unessesarily Cruel

I must say that Giselle Moises of Companion Pet Adoption Animal has a very unique skill set that very few pet adoption coordinators lack and that is power of interrogation. I feel that she has surpassed the skills of both the Spanish Inquisition and SS combined and many of today’s interrogative units could learn a thing or two from her. When my family spoke with her, she helped me realize that despite owning many rescue dogs and seeing them through old age that we were terrible pet owners. Some of my personal faults included poor record keeping, as I failed to be able to provide every vet receipt of our last dog for the past 15 years (despite him being only 14 years old), a record of his family lineage (he was a rescue though I believe he must have carried the Stark bloodline and would be a potential contender for the Iron Throne), and exactly how many times he licked himself daily (an average would have sufficed but sadly I should have been more meticulous on my data collection). If you ever read this, Giselle Moises I hope you have a strict no kill policy as you are setting up conditions that make these poor dogs virtually unadoptable. It is a noble goal to have high standards for the animals you care for but there is such a thing as too high. Will the animals be loved, be provided exercise, be fed a well balanced diet, and have their usual checkups/vaccinations? If you have no reason to suspect that these answers to these basic questions would be none other than yes, then that should be enough for those dogs. Also, if someone does answer all of these questions with a yes and yet still do not meet you exceedingly impossible standards, it is considered a common decency not to be condescending hateful individual that makes others feel that what they ultimately provide is not enough. If you cannot change, then quit as these dear sweet animals are being given no favors from you.


1posted: January 3rd, 2013

Giselle Moises -- Adoption Agency Home Visit

Yesterday, I dealt with one of the most bizarre and unprofessional people I’ve ever interacted with in my life. An adoption agency my wife and I have been working with to adopt a homeless terrier mix sent a woman named Giselle Moises to my home to conduct a “home visit” to make sure we were worthy of adopting a dog from the agency she represented, which was Rescue Me Animal Welfare in Baton Rouge, LA. I was not the least bit concerned about this visit. My wife and I have owned three dogs during our 32 years together. All of our dogs received the best of medical care, were well trained, and each was with us for at least 10 years before passing away. Each dog was a full-fledged member of the family, complete to the point of appearing in family portraits. Going in to this interview, we felt that we had the means to provide a safe and loving home to a dog. My wife and I are both highly educated and professional people (I am a retired Naval Officer and she is an attorney and each of us earns an annual salary that exceeds six figures). We are and live in a 3,000 square foot historic home in the Faubourg Marigny in New Orleans. As I said, the visit itself was indeed bizarre. My wife and I found Giselle Moises to be an extremely judgmental, condescending and biased woman who was pre-disposed to the opinion that our neighborhood was not one in which a dog would be safe. She also seemed more interested in lecturing me about dog responsible ownership in New Orleans than finding out if my wife and I had the desire and the wherewithal to provide a good home for the dog in question. When I pressed her as to the reason behind her very rude line of “questioning,” she responded that “we have to be very thorough when we visit certain neighborhoods.” When I asked her what she meant by the phrase “certain neighborhoods,” she responded that she had grown up in New Orleans and dogs were stolen from neighborhoods like the Marigny and “sold for drug money,” “used for bait dogs” by dog fighting rings, and the like. Needless to say, my wife and I failed to pass muster with her agency. We will continue to look for a homeless dog to become our forever canine family member and companion. Based upon my experience, I think it is safe to say that if one must deal with Giselle Moises when trying to adopt a dog, one needs to remember that the process is really more about Ms. Moises, her opinions, and her dog owner philosophy than it is about the homeless dog.

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1posted: August 24th, 2012

Highly Offensive

Giselle, the woman that makes all adoption decisions, is the most offensive, judgemental, prejudiced woman I have ever spoken to. DO NOT waste your time if you don't have a fenced yard, live in the country, are retired or independenly wealthy and don't work, don't know the exact cause of your last pets death (old age is NOT an acceptable answer even if they were 15), etc. etc. The woman is horrible and clearly does not have the animals best interest at heart as she WILL find a reason to deny the adoption. Most of her rescues are with her months if not years... what a joke. If I could give "0" paws I would.


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