Middletown Animal Clinic

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11423 Main Street
Middletown, KY 40243

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Veterinarians & Specialists, Boarding & Kennels

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On site laboratory:  YesInternal medicine:  Yes
Dentistry:  YesGeriatric medicine:  Yes
Nutrition counseling:  YesPrivate boarding:  Yes
Play area available:  YesOutdoor area available:  Yes
Veterinary supervision:  Yes

Rooms vs kennels:Kennels
Frequency of walks:3
Age restriction:None

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5posted: March 10th, 2007

Best Vet in the Whole World

(This is in response to Autumn's review...) Dr. Bishop is my vet and he is wonderful. Some people don't understand how hard vets have it. They have to treat patients that can not speak to them to tell what is wrong. They often have to rely on the things owners tell them about the patient and sometimes the owners don't know what things to emphasize or they remember things incorrectly. Every vet, every doctor, in the entire world does the best that they can to treat their patients to the best of their ability. Occasionally they misdiagnose or miss a diagnosis. This does not mean that they are unqualified doctors or uncaring people. It is ridiculous to expect a doctor to cure every illness that he/she is presented with!! To hold the doctor personally responsible is very rarely appropriate! Anyway, Dr. Bishop is my vet and he treated my sister cat when she had cancer and got her to eat when no one else could. My mom worked at his animal clinic for years and she has seen him and Dr. Koehler treat so many animals with compassion. I wonder if Autumn's mom has ever talked to either of these vets about her concerns. I think that would be the mature way to handle her situation rather than attacking their professional reputation on the internet. Clearly they do some good or she and her family and friends would not have seen them for over 15 years! And I can vouch for the fact that they are both wonderful doctors and that they treat all of their patients to the best of their abilities and have made a very large, positive difference in the lives of these animals and their human families!


1posted: February 23rd, 2007

Was my vet for 15 years until a bad experience!

This was my vet for over 15 years. Not only did I go here (and all the pets from my family over the years), but many friends were recommended and use this vet. In 2006, I had an eye condition that they tried and unsuccessfully treated (for months!). It was later discovered that my dry eye (and resulting eye ulcer) were caused by the arthritis medicine I was taking. The three vets in this office never researched or consulted with an expert to find out my problem. Had we discovered it early in the game, the dry eye might have been reversed. Unfortunately, it wasn't, and I had eye surgery (from a specialist). After much soul searching, we switched to another vet. Not once did Dr. Greg Bishop, or Dr. Steve Koehler express their sorrow over losing our business - after 15 years! They never checked to see how my surgery went. Our family was very hurt by this. We love our new vet, and probably should have switched vets sooner than we did. It is very sad for me to write this negative review because we loved Dr. Bishop and Dr. Koehler. They did not handle our situation the way they should have!

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