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Attributes [ edit ]
Mobile grooming:  NoSelf service dog wash:  No
Holistic/natural products available:  NoFlea and tick dips:  No
Teeth brushing:  YesHand scissoring:  Yes
Nail clipping:  YesAnal glands:  Yes
Ear cleaning:  YesHot oil treatment:  No
Dog supplies:  YesCat supplies:  No
Fish supplies:  NoCritter supplies:  No
Raw food:  NoOrganic food:  No
Holistic foods & treatments:  NoFashion & accessories:  Yes
Self-service pet wash:  NoLow-cost vaccinations:  No
Training classes:  NoPetID tags:  No

“puppy boutique and grooming services”

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1posted: November 13th, 2010

Awful - Do not trust them or buy from them!

My Momma went there to buy a doggie friend for her Momma for Mother's Day, and they knowingly sold her a dog that was NOT a teacup chihuahua and then later refused to even acknowlege them. If we wanted a full size chihuahua we would have rescued one from a shelter; now we have a puppy that cost $1450 and is six months old and over ten pounds / 13" long already. She's still got a year left to grow! There are reviews all over the internet about how horrible this place is; this can't just be a coincidence. Stay away at all costs! I urge everyone to contact the Chicago Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.


1edited: July 7th, 2008

Worst Place Ever.

I have never in my life been more appalled by the behavior of professionals in the pet industry than I am with that of the staff at Pocket Puppies. My mom had been taking me to Pocket Puppies for grooming for over a year. On this particular day she was racing across town and got stuck in traffic, the place was closing in 10 minutes and she was about 15 minutes away. Mom called to let the staff know she was running late but was on her way and was told "no problem". She arrived about 13 minutes later, and to her shock and horror the lights were out, door locked, and staff gone... WHERE WAS MY MOM? She had JUST spoken to them! My mom tried repeatedly to call hoping that the line would forward to a live person, but to no avail. She waited for hours hoping someone would remember us and come back but they did not. She spoke with a police officer who tried to help her find a way to reach an emergency contact. The store is NOT registered with the police or fire department in case of emergency (which is illegal), and the officer told my mom that he had been to the store earlier in the week because the owner's dog bit a child.. not the first time, he said. Finally, mom saw a sticker from the alarm company and called them to explain the situation. They were able to put her in contact with the owner who seemed oblivious to her hysterics and said he would come over to let her in. Before he showed up, the night person came to feed and water the puppies. My mom explained the situation to her, she was shocked, and she let my mom in to help find me! The staff member was unaware that I was there, and when they came down to the basement, they found me alone in the dark in a cold metal cage with no food or water. Had my mom not been there, that is exactly where I would have stayed until 11am the next morning... 17 hours after closing time. These people care about one thing only, and that is money.... it is truly a sham that they proclaim to care for their animals or the others for whom they provide services.

posted: July 7th, 2008


1posted: February 26th, 2007

Don't go there!!!

Disgusting. I hate to even give this puppy selling pet store one paw. Overpriced Hunte Corporation puppies. Avoid!


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