Mickeys Pet Salon

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2805 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 338-9753

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5posted: November 27th, 2009

other revies the dont know!!!

I read the reviews from this grooming in which they sale puppies, and i think the persons that wrote those revies do not know what they are talking about. I bought my dog from them and she's the must adorable dog i ever had,she's so healthy,so unique,she's my companion and my best friend and i bought it from them, she's also really healthy. I wanted a dog for companion I went to a lot of pet stores,and everytime I went in you could see all the puppies in really bad conditions their cages,they didnt have water and when I asked for information they just didn't know what to say,and the prices were really high, really expensive puppies!!,but when I went to mickey's pet salon(which the signs grabbed my atenttion) right away I saw puppies playing around,really healthy and in such a good conditions no ppuies coughing or sniffing just really healthy and playfull puppies, and right away a nice girl told me information about the puppies with out me asking and that was great information for me,she told me the puppies age,their parents,what they eat,what they need,etc. and right away i fall in love with this beautiful puppie playing inside the bowl, my lady!!! I don't regret the fact I went to that stire, I'm so thankful i found it. I also knowedce that you said why to support those kind of stores,well before I went to see puppies on sale, I wanted to adopt a dog, so I went to the places to adopt dogs and they asked for so much information about me and I gave to them, but i was not good enough for the dog i wanted to adopt, I mean how do you want to adopt a dog if you need to have so much stuff, all i give to my puppy its love,atenttion.food, and I care for her, that's what I can give and it wasn't enough, but for Mickey's pet salon it was and they even told me that they dont sale a puppy if they don't see that the person its really going to take care of the puppy, so I'm so thnkful for this store is the best,and its clean,and puppies are in really good conditions!! and they do an awsome grooming, now if you don't want to go thats your lost not theirs.


1posted: August 6th, 2007

Why support BYBs?

I wouldn't go there, even though it's only a couple blocks from my house. They constantly have signs in the windows announcing puppies of various breeds (and mixes) for sale - I'll take my business somewhere that doesn't profit off of backyard breeding, thanks.


2posted: February 5th, 2007

It's ok

Not the best but they do ok grooming. We do not like that they sell puppies from the grooming shop and have them in cages at the front of the shop, though...

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