Mt. Pleasant - Davisville Veterinary Hospital

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745 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON M4S 2N4
(416) 481-7387

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Veterinarians & Specialists, Emergency Services

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Dermatology:  YesAllergy:  Yes

“ * Primary care and prevention - the medicine of vaccination, nutrition, exercise, public health and overall well-being * Dermatology - the medicine of the skin (common diseases: Fleas, Environmental Allergies) * Ophthalmology - the medicine of eye care (common disease: Corneal ulcer) * Dentistry - the medicine of oral care (common diseases: Gingivitis, Dental Calculus) * Cardiology - the medicine of the heart and vessels (common disease: Mitral Valve Insufficiency) * Gastroenterology - the medicine of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas (common disease: Food Sensitivities) * Endocrinology - the medicine of hormones and their glands (common diseases: Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperthyroidism) * Neurology - the medicine of the brain, spinal cord and nerves (common disease: Epilepsy) * Theriogenology - the medicine of reproduction (common disease: Infertility) * Respirology - the medicine of the lungs (common disease: Asthma) * Urology - the medicine of the kidneys and bladder (common disease: Urinary Tract Infection, Bladder Stones) * Musculoskeletal - the medicine of bones and muscle (common disease: Arthritis) * Oncology - the medicine of cancer * Radiology - the medicine of taking and interpreting xrays * Infectious diseases - the prevention and treatment of bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal and prion illnesses * Hematology - the medicine of the blood and its cells: the red and white blood cells (common disease: Anemia) * Respirology - the medicine of the lungs and airways (common diseases: Asthma, Pneumonia) * Cytology - the study of different tissues by analyzing their cells microscopically (common disease: Lipoma) Diagnostics Your veterinarian may use some of the following diagnostic methods or tools to determine what is ailing your pet: * xrays * blood work * ultrasound * endoscopic exam * ear cytology * fine needle aspirate * biopsy * plus many, many more”

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