Atlas Animal Hospital

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5696 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z4

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1edited: May 20th, 2007

Not a good place to go to get your questions answered about pets

My staff took me to Atlas Animal Hospital for a wellness check a day after they adopted me from the Vancouver SPCA. They chose this vet because they opened the latest--until 12am at night! Also, the tattoo on my ear, according to SPCA, seemed to be done at Atlas Animal Hospital. I will just tell you what happened during the wellness check and let you be the judge:

I came to Vancouver SPCA as stray so my staffs would like to find out more about me. They hoped that the vet could help.
Nemo's staff: How old do you think he is?
Vet: old...hmmm...
Nemo’s staff: Is he a senior?
Vet: Hmmm…senior? Naah…probably not. How old do YOU think he is?
Nemo’s staff: Well, Vancouver SPCA said he’s an adult, perhaps 3 years?
Vet: Hmmm…yeah…about 3 years I’d say.

Nemo’s staff: How’s his health?
Vet: Good…good…good…ah, he has bad teeth, look. Yep, just bad teeth. He’s healthy.

Nemo’s staff: Is he overweight? He seems a little chubby.
Vet: Hmmm…overweight? Hmmm…well, maybe…mmm…naah…just a little bit maybe.
Nemo’s staff: Do we need to put him on a diet?
Vet: A diet? Hmmm…mmm…naah I don’t think so.

My staff showed the vet Vancouver SPCA adoption paper. They’d like to know more about my history, especially medical history. They were also advised by Vancouver SPCA to switch the ownership to them in the tattoo system.
Nemo’s staff: His tattoo was done here. Can you tell us anything about his history?
Vet: Where did you find him?
Nemo’s staff, holding the SPCA adoption paper: Vancouver SPCA. We adopted him.
Vet: Who was the previous owner?
Nemo’s staff: We don’t know. Vancouver SPCA said he came in as stray.
Nemo’s staff: We would like to switch his owner to be us on record.
Vet: Did you know his previous owner? What did they say?
Nemo’s staff: We don’t know his pervious owner. We adopted him from Vancouver SPCA and they advised us to switch. Here’s the adoption paper. They said they tried to contact the previous owner but nobody ever came to claim him.
Vet: Oh…ok.

My staff took me out of there as fast as they could. They decided to take me for another wellness check at another clinic. They found All About Cats in North Vancouver. These two vets were like night and day. They had all their questions answered and they found out that I had FIV. (See my review for All About Cats.)

posted: May 20th, 2007

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4posted: March 9th, 2007


I think mom believes the pricing overall is much cheaper than most of the vets, us three, Oby, Toffee and myself have been going there since we were pups, so far so good! As for the story about them re-using needles, if you have heard, I think its just a rumor.


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