Hardy Dog Park

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Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  YesLeash Required:  No
Restrooms Nearby:  YesNight Lighting:  Yes
Benches:  YesDisposal Bags:  Yes
Water Fountain:  No

Surface type:Cement & sandy gravel
Size:2.16 acres

“Hardy Dog Park is an enclosed, fenced, off-leash dog park that spans 2.16 acres along Hardy Street and Claremont Avenue in the Rockridge District. Slightly out of the way and directly underneath the freeway (Highway 24), it serves as an ideal location for dogs to play in a shaded area and to bark loudly without disturbing the peace. There is also green grass and open space outside of the enclosed dog park, but dogs are to remain on leash once outside of the fenced area of the park. There is off-site and street parking available.”

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4posted: January 4th, 2011

Yeah, it's not a pretty park, the smell can be overwhelming and the noise from the overhead BART trains and sirens is horrible, but it's convenient and provides shelter from the rain. Most patrons are responsible, friendly local residents who frequent the park regularly. As a result, their dogs all get along pretty well. Peak hours (between 5:30-7 pm) typically have about a dozen dogs.


2posted: May 7th, 2009


Kudos to Oakland for utilizing this space as an enclosed dog park, a kid's playground, and a grass area. The alternative would be a homeless encampment, I suppose. While it won't be the first place we consider, we might visit again. I'm not sure where the "2.16 acres" comes from, it's significantly smaller than that, maybe the size of a small house's lot? There's a load of bark for the dogs, chairs for the humans, and it's out of the direct sun, but it's a bit of a drive through town for us so we'll explore other options for when we want to socialize with other dogs.


1posted: February 28th, 2007

Hardy Dog Park

I found this park in the Dog Lover's Companion to the Bay Area and was extremely disappointed in what I found. Under the freeway is fine but it amounts to an enclosed slab of concrete and I didn't find it very clean or inviting. I will not go back, even in a pinch I'll drive further for something more suitable.


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