Aurantia Dog Park

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Attributes [ edit ]
Fenced in:  YesLeash Required:  No
Restrooms Nearby:  YesNight Lighting:  No
Benches:  YesTrash Cans:  Yes
Disposal Bags:  YesWater Fountain:  Yes

Surface type:Plenty of grass with a patio with benches in the entrance area.

“Aurantia Dog Park. One fenced area for dogs to play, although greatly lacking in shaded areas for the dogs. It's a relatively new park. Location: 5th street turns into Greenspot road. Directions: Take the 10 freeway to the 30 freeway. Turn right/east at 5th street (which turns into Greenspot Rd) Pass the Stater brothers and it's just past the housing. It's on the left with a small sign that says "Aurantia Dog Park"”

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2edited: December 30th, 2011

Dog Park Regulations

I was so disappointed today. I haven't taken Bogart to the dog park for a year, because the last time I was there, a St. Bernard ran me over and broke my foot. We were walking the trails in the park today and I checked out the dogs in the park. They looked like a good group, so I took Bogart in for play time. It only took a couple of minutes for him to zero in on a Golden Retriever and start the hump dance. I corrected him, but he just kept going back to her. Then I noticed all the other males doing the same thing. Come to find out, the bitch was in heat! PEOPLE!!! Common sense should tell you that you don't bring a bitch in heat to a dog park. Besides that, only spayed and neutered dogs are allowed at the dog park! Thanks for ruining our day.... I gave the park only 2 paws. Bogart has been attacked twice there, I had my foot broken and the owners bolted with their dogs before I could get their information, and now this guy with a bitch in heat. If all dog owners were responsible, the rating would be higher.

posted: December 30th, 2011


5posted: July 21st, 2010

The best darn dog park around

I love going to this dog park. It is so much fun. The dogs are great and the humans are so friendly. It is a great place for me and my family to enjoy time together. They have one big area for big dogs like me, and one smaller fenced area for smaller dogs like my Uncle Jack. But Uncle Jack likes to run with the big dogs so I let him come and play with me and my friends :) Please bring your dogs out to play with us!!!


5posted: January 1st, 2010

Aurantia Dog Park

The dog park has two areas that now fenced. One area is for large dogs and a smaller area is for small dogs only. This has been a great help in that the small dogs do not get run over by the larger dogs. The people are great with a few exceptions of owners who do not follow the posted rules.


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