Dogs Day Inn

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19575 Bear Valley Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 247-2363

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4posted: December 30th, 2010

Only place for me!

I use this boarding place every time i leave town over 3 times now and max loves it the first time he didn't want to leave to come home, always have questions answered like i matter, never had an issue with him coming in contact with other dogs or tall male(human)which are huge no no's foe max. so give it a shot!


1posted: April 30th, 2010

Will NEVER use again!

We have used The Dogs Day Inn several times. Mostly for day visits. My husband and I went to South Carolina for over a week. We dropped Chyna off the day before and my husband picked her up 2 days after we got home. When we picked up Chyna she had lost an exsesive amount of hair (bald spots) and was all skin and bones. She also had a very large lymph node on the side of her neck. My husband did not notice from all the caos because we also had 1 other dog borded at the time. I called right away. The lady(who is VERY rude) told me they did not notice anything and when I explained too her she said she didn't know what too tell me that Chyna had food and water. But that she was always really excited and they couldn't get her too calm down. I told the Lady that I live on 2 acres of land and she is explaining to me the same behavior my dog does on a daily basis and that your telling me this made my dog sick from being in your runs. She than told me she didn't know what too tell me. So I told her I didn't know what too tell her that I was going to cancle my 400 dollar check to them. She than said OH im going to have the owner call you. It took the owner 2 days too call me. When he did he was rude as well and told me the same thing she did. In this time I took my dog to the vet. And luckly enough I took my dog for a check up before I took her to be boarded and she weighed 47 pounds 3 days before and when we got back she weighed 32 pounds exactally. The owner than told me he wanted records. So I sent him before pictures with the date and after pictures with the date along with my vet records. I called him to ask if he got them he said he had and that he would follow up with me. I have never heard from him since. They have too many runs in my opinion. One lady was very over weight. and one lady could barley walk. In my personal opinion they have too many runs and not enough people. They are supposed to be the professionals that i wrote a personal check for. And they couldn't even give me the time of day all I got was a "I don't know what too tell you" If they would have noticed that my dog was in bad health in there care and would have called me (which they have lost my records 3 times since ive gone there) I would have arranged for my dog to be put somewhere else or would have arranged for special food too be broughten. Basically they do not pay attention to the dogs. Someone comes and hoses out the kennles and throws some food in and water in the kennles and than hope all is well. And when its not they don't know what too tell you. Since than I have used Luv em kennels in Apple Valley I highly Recommend them. They are GREAT I have not gotten back any of my dogs in that condition!


1posted: July 28th, 2009

Very ill when we picked him up

Unfortunately, when we picked up our dog after 1 week of boarding, we found him to be quite ill (pneumonia), had lost weight, hadn't had food/water in a couple of days (based on information from our Veternarian), was terribly lathargic (couldn't walk without his legs collapsing) and was having trouble breathing. The owners told me that they couldn't force him to eat, nor do they have IV's to get him rehydrated. They said that he was withdrawn (which I understand since he was in strange place). They don't keep daily records of the dogs - their behavior or activities. The owners claim that he was not "ill" or didn't show signs up it while he was in their care. I find that hard to believe since they had to carry him out to us and our other dog walked out. I wouldn't complain except I believe he was neglected in such a way that his health deteriorated over the week. I'm sure it's not like this with all their animals. Perhaps Pappy was just overlooked.


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