West Plaza Animal Hospital

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3528 W Bethany Home Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85019
(602) 841-0757

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Veterinarians & Specialists

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1posted: January 4th, 2010

Lousy Vet!

This clinic participates in the Maricopa County spay/nueter voucher program. This is where people who cannot afford to pay a vet $200+ for a spay/nueter fee can have it done for them and it is paid for by the County animal control. We chose this office due to its proximity and longevity in town. What we didn't know is that because the county animal control only pays these vets $30-$40 that we would sub-standard care for our dog. First thing they said was that we would need to buy for $150 a hood, antibiotics (before any signs of infection?) and a pneumonia shot.....a pneumonia shot? Really? For a dog. I've had dogs for 20 years, and I've never heard of giving a 1 year old healthy lab this vaccination. Even humans don't get these every day. They also said he would not be released to us unless we bought their pain pills for him. 6 pills=$45. Come on! Total to get out for a "free" spay/nueter....$190.00. So much for free. We had a hood from a family member and we would be home over new years to make sure he didn't go outside all day and the hood would keep him from licking so we chose not to spend the other $150.00. So, what do they do? A lousy job on my dog on purpose. His scrotum was swollen up to the size of a baseball when we picked him up. I've had other dogs done, this is not how it is supposed to look. We received no information on post-op care, cleaning etc. They called us 2 hours after we dropped him off and said come get your dog. The swewlling is normal, and oh by the way......If it gets infected, it will cost you 4 times the amount of this to fix it afterwards. We were set up. If you go and have money and are willing to pay all their BS overpriced fees.....be my guest. I recommend not using them for the Maricopa County spay/nueter program, if at all. LOUSY VET!


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