Van Aken Animal Hospital

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3869 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85019
(602) 278-6632

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5posted: January 6th, 2011

Dr. Johnsen is a good vet who puts your and your pets interest first

I have been going to Dr. Johnsen for years and I trust her with my pets. She puts their interests and mine first. I have cried with her when I lost my beloved Gracie Lou, Percy and Rhett. Due to her talent and expertise Princess is alive today. Dr. Johnsen returned my calls on weekends and at night promptly and reassured when Princess found new ways to injure herself. Dr. Johnsen referred us to a great neurologist to continue Princess's treatment. Those who have had issues listed, it doesn't make sense. Most vets do not have 24 hour staff that is what the Emergency Animal Clinics are for. It is clearly posted at Van Aken and most vet's offices. This is not a bad act by Dr. Johnsen. Dr. Johnsen has never pushed me to invest more in a dog's treatment when it was not right for the dog. I understand your grief and the second guessing. Lossing a dog is awful and there are no words to make it better. Just know that the Van Aken staff and Dr. Johnsen did everything that they could to save your pet and that your beloved dog knew how much you loved him and that you did everything within your power to save him.


1posted: November 19th, 2009

A Hospital Where Egos Come First, and Dogs Die Alone!

I will never take another pet to this hospital. My dog was very sick and we decided to do what we could to save her. At first, I thought they wanted what was best for her, but it soon became clear that no one there had my dog's best interest at heart at all. Instead she went under numerous needless surgeries and suffered endlessly. And even though she wasn't able to eat and was not showing signs of improvement, this so called "hospital" apparently leaves their animals alone at night and my poor dog died all by herself in a crate at that place. The doctor was more concerned about being a hero and proving that she could fix her than she was about my dog. I paid them THOUSANDS of dollars and when I could not pay the last $450 because I lost my job (which I do not think I owed them as she told me should would only charge me from now on if she saved my dog, which she did not), and was forced to file BK, they illegally sent me to collections 10 months after my discharge was finalized. When I called I got a smug response from the husband about how it must be nice to write off my bills. Yeah, that's right, I lost my beloved dog, my house, car, business, etc., just so I could avoid their bill. How ignorant are they!!!???


4posted: March 31st, 2009

Dr Suzanne Johnsen

I started with Dr Johnsen when she was in Scottsdale. She has remained my vet of choice even after she moved to Van Aken and I to Chandler and then to Tucson. She has shown concern, compassion and her medical expertise to ensure that both my dogs had the best life possible. Sadly Jasmine recently passed due to seizures. At no time has Dr Johnsen or any of her staff EVER let me down. I only wish they were here in Tucson!


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