Wedding Congrats to Frank and Jim and their Best Dog, Herman

 |  Aug 16th 2011  |   0 Contributions

This morning at 11 a.m. EST on Sirius XM Radio, to celebrateNew York'slegalization of same-sex marriage, listenersareinvited toattend the wedding ofpopularradio hostFrank DeCaro - of the "Frank DeCaro Show" on Sirius OutQ - and his longtime love, Jim Colucci. Today is the couple's 15th anniversary.

Asa promo on the OutQ site says, "The two will become husband and husband within earshot of every OutQ listener ... and they'll take calls from you -their virtual bridesmaids."

The excitement's been building for some time, as this iconic photo of the happy couple outside Tiffany & Co. suggests.But avid listeners of Frank's show know that the only creature Frank and Jim adore more than each otheris their beloved Boston Terrier.

Because both halves of this couple are connoisseurs of vintage television, musical theater,and all things camp and fagulous, their dog's full name is Pee-Wee Herman Munster Merman.That's a big name for a little guy - so he's called Herman for reasons of brevity and convenience.

These three boys have been through so much together.Irecall the memorable time Herman devoured the key ingredient of a chocolate cake Frank was about to bake - dark baker's chocolate is highly toxic to dogs - andlanded himselfat the emergency animal hospital to get his little stomach pumped. Naturally, Herman survived that hair-raising adventure as he does everything else ... in style!

As Frank always likes to say, "The dog is not like family - he is family!" So it's no surprise that at this morning's ceremony - which will be officiated by fellow dog lover Lizz Winstead, therenowned political-animal pundit- the ring bearer will be none other than K9 Herman. Woof!

Tune in to Sirius 108/XM 108 this morning to experience the lovefest live!

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