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Crown Your Wedding Cake With Your Favorite Dogs

Madame Pomm creates ceramic canine accessories -- including wedding cake toppers.

 |  Jan 8th 2013  |   4 Contributions

Madame Pomm is an artist inspired by dogs. Working predominately in ceramic with techniques she has developed herself, the dog-lover crafts highly detailed dog figurines.

Many of her pieces take the form of utilitarian kitchenware adorned with dogs. Among her creations are pairs of salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of different dog breeds.

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How cute are these Chihuahua salt and pepper shakers?

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She even makes 3-D cell phone cases.

Our favorite pieces, however, are her bride and groom wedding cake toppers, which come in a variety of breeds -- so no matter what your pooch preference is, Madame Pomm has got the pups for your wedding cake. If any of our Dogster readers are getting married soon, we want to know whether you'd consider adorning your cake with these cute canine couples.

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For the extreme dog lover!

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The cake toppers come in a variety of breeds.

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She even makes custom toppers.

If wedding bells are not in your future, Madame Pomm still has a wide assortment of ceramic dog-themed wares. We're big fans of her three-dimensional breed mugs, which feature skilled painted as well as sculpted renditions of dogs.

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Available for the Chinese Crested lovers.

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There are Corgis, of course.

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And Labradors!


The pieces are a little pricey, we admit, but they are crafted by hand, so you are paying for talent as well as product. We've never seen anything like these pieces -- each one is as unique as your dog!

You can visit Madame Pomm's collection at her website, here


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