How can I Treat my Dog's Injured Nail?

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My dog got her back paw caught in the door and her
whole nail came off. Now just the quick is
showing. I got the bleeding to stop but now it is
slimy and has a bad odor. Have you seen this before
and what should we do????

Sarnia, ON, Canada

Nail injuries are very common in dogs. They occur when nails snag on carpet or vegetation, or when a nail catches on any stationary object.

In some instances (such as the one described by the questioner), trauma to the nail causes the nail to come completely off. In other cases, the nail is torn partially off.

In either case, a trip to the vet is in order. Nails that have been partially torn off may need to be removed. Both types of injury can lead to infection. Melanie, I suspect that an infection is the source of the bad odor that is emanating from your dog's nail. Antibiotics may be necessary to help her heal.

Also, both types of injury can be painful. Your vet can recommend pain killers to make your dog feel better.

Most nails grow back normally after nail injuries. However, in rare cases the nail grows back in an irregular fashion. This rarely harms the affected dog. However, you may have to pay special attention to the nail in question. It may require frequent trimming.

For more information on injured nails in pets, click here.

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