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Dara: Retired Greyhound Working to Promote Rehoming of Other Greyhounds

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Thunder... oh my!

June 16th 2009 1:47 am
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Britian doesn't get many thunderstorms. So even though we've been living here for nearly a whole 6 weeks mom's never seen the way I react to them.
Having Dogdar, and being super sensitive to stuff like changes in the pressure systems I was on high alert and being careful all day. I would not leave mom alone (and she got a bit fed up! coshaving a 36kg greyhound under foot all day isn't easy!) But I couldn' t explain to her why I was acting this way. She noticed the clouds, and the rain when it came but it sure took her a long time to figure out that was why I was upset. Mom says most dogs whine when they are unhappy, but since I don''t speak at all it makes me even more mysterious. (imaginary BOL.) She's not so bright sometimes.

I was shaking and panting and making big slobbery piles of panic salivia all over my new bed. I didn't leave the bed all night, not even to walkie. That worried mom but there was NO WAY i was going out there with all that evil noise! It was ok see, cos I know not to eat or drink with a storm coming. I know i don't want to go out in it so I make sure that I won't need to. I am smarter than Mom thinks!

In more exciting news... I got a new bed. It's big and squishy and I am laying in it tons cos it's soooo comfy. Mom likes it cos I can't spread it all over the room like I do with my blankies. She says I sometimes take more space than her!

In scary news, a man stopped us on walkies today and asked mom if she wanted to buy another racing dog like me. She got really flustered and said NO. The man was very shady. Mom was worried that the man had stolen a dog or he would steal one for cash. I am sure glad I have my chip and my tag and my tattoos. Lots of scary people out there!

love Dara


Our continual re-education

June 9th 2009 2:27 am
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Mom left me for the whole night this past weekend. She said it would do me and Julian good. We have been ignoring eachother and have not bonded. Mom knows its because I am totally submissive and timid and I really need people to show me happy energy and love before I will engage with them. Julian hasn't done that, but he's not been mean either, he just doesn't speak dog.
Auntie Xanthie rescued me from Julian. I was super happy to see her and came straight to her even though Julian was there. I was super happy she was there! It was the first time Julian saw that happy sweet side of me and he was startled. Auntie Xanthie got on his case and told him he could have that lovely welcome home everyday if only he put the time in to show me he cares about me. Since then Julian's been making an effort..but we are both unsure. Mom's hopeful.

More excitingly we met Jacob in the park today, he's a big 2 year old Husky. He's a little shorter than me but he's much heavier. We greeted eachother then he wanted to play. Ive been practicing playing with Mom. I watched the dogs in the park all last week and I get it now! But I was not ready to play with Jacob, he put a paw on me an he was heavy! I walked away. He's a nice boy but he's got to be more gentle with me, he doesn't know his own strength and it intimidated me a little.

We went to see Roudolf today. He's my doctor. I had a jab today so I am all ready to play with others now without fear of catching things. I was very good for Roudolf today and didn't fuss at all when the needle went in. I had to show him I am not such a big softy as I was last week when i pretended my foot was broken (and it was just a tlittle cut from a horn)


Coming out of my Shell

June 3rd 2009 2:14 am
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Dear Diary,
It's been a month since we moved in with Julian. Julian doesn't know anything about dogs, having never grown up or been around them - but in time mom says he'll learn. It has not helped that we're both a bit shy. I ignore him and he doesn't know how to socialise either. He hasn't made any real effort to bond with me and keeps thinking human logic translates to dog. Drives mom nutty.

I have been feeling more and more at home and relaxed. I have even started to play a little bit since seeing some dogs in the park doing so. Mom isn't great at dog play but neither am I so we make a funny pair. BOL.

I stretched out on my back for the first time last night, I don't think Mom noticed cos she didn't laugh, even though I musta looked funny with my big long legs in the air. I get shy and instantly change back to "Super conservative and refined Dara" when I think humans are laughing at me.

Mom says my transition to House Pet is going really well. I did tear apart her teddy, but she didn't get mad. I have a teddy too, but i didn't tear him up..Bol I know better! I was bored and I forgot that I can come out of my room and visit mom when she's working down stairs. Whatcha expect though? I spent 5 years (since always til now) in a little room.. so I sometimes forget get to wander about now. Intitutionalised. That's what mom calls it.

We went to the park for a picnic on the weekend. It was super hot and mom kept bathing me in Evian. Posh Greyhound, me! We saw some pretty brindle Greys too, but they must have had humans longer that me cos they didn't have to keep them on a lead. I liked the park, mom's friends all wanted to touch me and play. I liked it. I kept wanting to go home though... my legs got tired and I couldn't find my bed. Finally I gave up and laid down in the grass. (I do that at home but in the park the open-ness scared me a bit). As soon as I laid down I felt better! And all the pretty humans came over to sit with me. I am handsome, what can I say?!

Mom says the park was good training for me as we do our first event Friday and I will have to get used to laying down when i feel tired.

Love Dara


My first 24hrs Continued

May 11th 2009 4:33 am
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Dara was having difficulty with the hardwood floors but definately looked defeated when the bed slides out from under him. Off I went to the £-stretcher to get Grip-it mats. One under the bed in the kitchen and one under the bed in my bedroom.

I have not put one under the bed in the big bathroom as he seems to have abandon that sleeping space in favour of my room. He's conquered the stairs in less than 24hrs and although he's not tearing up and down at great speed, he's managing up and down alone now with competence.

There doesn't seem to be any seperation anxiety yet which is good news. Tonight will be a test as I will be gone for 4hrs. Jullian will be around however. They haven't bondedyet. Dara is not afraid of him, more indifferent. Jullian is being amazing. Very patient and very accomodating. He's even moved the kitchen table out to give Dara a "more interesting walking space" and to allow him to access points to his food and water.

It's only the first 24hrs and I have to say he's doing really well. He's taken to putting his head under the bed when sleeping. Perhaps its just darker? The kennel did warn me it would take a week or so for him to adjust fully, I suppose it's now a waiting game.

The Grip it seems to be working, which makes me very happy. The floor would not have been very comfortable.


First day / night in the new house

May 11th 2009 3:23 am
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Well there. Its been a bit of a bumpy ride these past two weeks! First Mom was moving house which meant I was at at Whittingham with all my mates. That wasn' t too bad, except the day before I was supposed to go to the vet for my snip I got a tummy ache and diorhea so my trip had to be postponed.

I was not a happy boy for about 3 days. Being sick sure took it out of me.. I didn't have the strenght to walk very far at all. Mom says it's cos I have not fat on me, so I get super knocked out more than other dogs if I miss a meal or get dehydrated. I know its cos I am a super athelete..and very delicate. It takes a real dog to sleep like a champ!

I finally felt better and went to see the vet.. which is funny I guess cos you are supposed to see him when you don't feel good! I liked the car ride with Louise, she's my friend at the kennel and she takes care of all us boys at Whittingham. Then I don't know what happened, but in a little while there Louise was again, a bit blurry and I felt funny.. we went back into the car and I slept. So now I have this furry cut and I have to be a bit careful and I have to keep it clean..but I feel ok.

Yesterday I got to go for a car ride again! This time Mom was there and Louise and Val. We had a full car. I made sure to stand the whole time. We went to a place I've never been before (there's a lot of that going on just now!).
Mom and I got out and Louise and Val gave me hugs and kisses. I don't know why they were all so worked up but something was definately going on. Then they left and Mom and I went to this new place.

First off, it's been 24 hrs now and I think I have it all under control. Woof Woof !!

I can't say I think too highly of the hardwood floor! My beds (I have 3) keep slipping when I try to get on them.. so I have been sleeping on the floor ;( I tried to convice Mom that I belonged on the bed but she didn't like that very much. bol
I do like the back garden and have mom trained to let me out when I stand by it. She's pretty bright sometimes.

I've been for some walks and I know what street I live on and made sure Mom got it right by pulling her just a bit in the right direction..cos I am a smart boy. The parks are ok but they are far. We walked a whole 15minutes before getting there. I guess I will have to build up my stamina! I think it won't seem so bad once I am more used to all the noises and people. This new place sure is busy! I am pretty tuckered out. I hope mom sorts out my bed soon, I am not to pleased that they skid away from me!



Call me Mr Fancy Collar... or Dara, I guess

April 29th 2009 3:09 am
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So, I love my jewery now and its all quite grand. Everybody I meet says I have a posh collar and I try not to be too smug but I waited over a year for it.

Mom went a wee nuts with ordering me stuff online and now I have 3 jewerys... *(but one is going back cos its not the right one) BUT I got a smashing one from the a place called Silver Peacock. They make really pretty dog jewery for big guys like me and little ones like my friends Lola and Yuki too. Mom says little dogs have it easy, people like making pretty stuff for them but its harder to find nice stuff for us big boys.
I won't see it until mom finishes moving house as we didn't want me in the way or getting stressed, I am counting the days. Heres my new jewery, isn't it Fantastic!!


Passive me and a friend with a new home

April 26th 2009 4:35 pm
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Today we went for a walk with some of the Walthamstow Gang (my fellow hounds from the track) and a pikey dog. That's probably not a nice thing to call her, she's a pretty little brindle girl who was abandon at a Gypsy campsite.. so her new own called her Gypsy. I was really interested in her, she was like us but different. She had no muscles! I could see right away that she wasn't really comfortable with us lot even though we all had our muzzles on. I tried to say hi and I was sure to wag my tail but she got scared and snapped at me and yelled like I'd hurt her. I just stayed still and wagged my tail really slowly so not to scare her. She spent most of our walk hiding behind her mom's legs.

One of the other Dogs got a bit bossy with me but I just stared at him. He thinks he's the boss but we both know who was faster on the track! Its funny, it's not the fast dogs who get bossy its the others. He was snarling an awful lot at me and I mostly ignored him but in the end I growled just a wee bit back at him, a dogs got some pride after all! That is when mom decided that we should walk. Mom says I was still a really good boy.

Mom got me a squeaky bone today and we played a little bit with it. I like squeaky toys because I was trained to race using them but I don't really know how to play yet.

I am happy to report my friend Jet got a new family today! Way to go Jet!!!

I spent the whole night wearing my new jewelery which made mom smile.


Learning about the world out there.. I'm like a puppy again,- at 5!

April 25th 2009 10:48 am
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Well, i was in a strange mood today. We started out with Mom giving me some cheese after lunch, which I liked a lot. Then I got to try my new collar (the one from Kama's Cave). It was an emotional moment for both of us. I have never had any jewelery like the other dogs who come to the kennels. Dogs with jewelery are more special somehow, I've seen them a lot since I spent over a year at Whittington waiting for my mom to find me. My jewelery smells like mom and I think it tells people I am special.

Mom got me a ID disk which has her mobile number on it and a message saying Please Scan Me on the other side.
I don't know what scanning is but I know Mommy loves me and doesn't want to lose me. She says its important for people to know that if I get lost all my important details are inside me. (or they will be in 3 weeks cos that is when we go to Vet Goddard's for my implant). Until then then I have to be extra careful.

Next we went for a walk. A REALLY long walk. Mom walks me until I decide it's time to go back which I like! On our walk I learned a lot today. First a man came up and tried to pat me on the head, usually I am ok with that sort of thing but something made me back away this time and I hid behind Mom. But then I noticed Mom and the man were both very calm so I calmed down and the next time he put his hand out I sniffed him and then let him pat me. It was ok after all.

Then a car spun out in the gravel right beside me, that made me jump! Mom jumped too so I guess it was ok to be scared. It was very loud and very close. Mom said they were bad drivers who were going too fast on the gravel. She gave me a pat and that made me feel better.

After a while we had walked further than I have ever walked with Mom and a big truck was on our road. I have never seen a big truck and so i leaned on Mom who put her hand on my back. She seemed ok and waved to the man in the big truck who was nice enough to go by us very slowly. Mom gave me a pat and made a fuss over me for not freaking out and I felt really brave for having let that super big scary truck go by me.

Finally, we stopped for a little break in a big green field. Mom sat but I don't know how, so I stood. There was a lot to see in that field! I saw four rabbits and let Mom know by showing her how alert I was to them. When the fist one took off I got very excited and showed Mom my Roo hop..which I have never shown her before. She was impressed! Normally I am so very chilled out and unamused I think when I do get excited Mom gets a reall thrill out of it, especially since I am always a total gentleman and never pull her.

I was very good for not chasing the rabbits (and I know I could have caught them!) so I got more cheese for being good.

Tonight is my first night wearing my jewelery and it smells like Mom, I feel so special.




April 25th 2009 2:23 am
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Mom got an email today from the cool folks at Dogster saying that I am a feature today! Not really sure what this means but i think it means I am a REALLY good boy. We are going to the woods today, which is one of my favourite walks and where mom and I bonded the first time.
Mom thinks its a good time to tell all of you that the artist she works with has done a range of bags with breeds on them and YOURS truly was the inspiration for the Greyhound bag. I didn't mind at all because I didn't know!! But mom brought the samples to Whittingham (the kennel where I am from) and all the folks there seemed to like them. I am just pleased that Lindsey (the artist mom helps) likes me so much. She's giving £10 per bag sold to Retired Greyhound Rehoming Centre's her in the UK.

I sure do hope I was a good enough model that people buy loads of them so I can help all my friends. Mom is going to upload the drawing Lindsey did of me for you all to see. We're going to take more pictures of me today too.

Love Dara


New collar

April 24th 2009 3:59 pm
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Mom had to go visit clients today and a package came while she was out. It was my new collar. Mom got it from the nice people at which donates all its profits to their local greyhound rehoming scheme. I am pretty excited to wear it,I am going to wear it at my first awareness event. Mom also found a great place online that does unique house collars called Silver Peacock, and she got me another collar. That means I have 3 collars.. I sort of think mom may be getting a bit carried away but hey, who am I to complain!!

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