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Diary of a well traveled dog.

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March 17th should be Saint Pawtricks Day on Dogster!!!

March 10th 2010 9:56 am
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Doggies can celebrate too! We do great PawTricks and other tricks!!!

Erin go Bark!!!


St Pawtricks Day is Coming!!!!

March 9th 2010 8:08 pm
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Oh yay oh yay....I love paw tricks.

Erin go BARK!!!!


Tsunami Day....Saturday in Hawaii

March 1st 2010 8:08 pm
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K, so, we live out in Kapolei, out on the low flat ground of Barber's when Mommy Cindy woke up to the tsunami siren on Saturday morning, things got a little busy...

Without even having her coffee, she was looking in the phone book at maps, then she got dressed really fast, and drove away...and me n' Barney didn't even have breakfast!!! And no morning walk trip to the beach...

We were wondering what the paw was going on...

Then Cindy came home, smelling like the gas station, and she was carrying charcoal and other stuff and me n Barney got all excited about maybe having ribs...

But no, Cindy just stayed really busy and boy oh boy she was filling everything in sight with water. She filled the bathtub, the washing machine, buckets and barrels and everything. We started worrying about maybe getting baths, but no...

Finally, we had breakfast, Cindy had her coffee and walked us for a nice long walk...then we sat around and Cindy was watching the same picture on the TV...wasn't even the Olympics or anything, just someplace she called "Hilo Bay..."

We thought she'd really lost her mind, cuz all that was on the TV was water going back n forth and back n forth in the picture...okay, so it was going fast and stuff...

Finally she kinda sat back in the chair, finished her coffee, and started smiling more...

Whatever a Tsunami is, it would be nice if it didn't happen again. It kinda messed up our nice Saturday morning.


Christmas in Hawaii...

December 25th 2009 4:56 pm
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I miss snow, I really do. I always loved playing in it. No chance of that here, but we did get a very fine outing to TWO parks on Christmas Day, including some off leash time when Barney and I could run just as fast as we could across the grassy lawn....

That is very, very far from the concrete and steel of dog-jail quarantine.

It felt wonderful. It was a very good Christmas Day.


A fine dog day...bath and all

November 1st 2009 1:18 am
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So, Cindy has hurt her back, it's been really owie...and this has been a big concern for the whole pack.

But today, she was all worried because it should've been my bath day but she can't do it...she could do Barney cuz he's little, but I needed one too, even I knew that.

I was thinking of running through the sprinklers or something but I didn't really think she'd buy that...

And then we get in the car, and drive over to the SPCA station that's really close...and I got all worried cuz there were all these guys out there washing cars with hoses and big buckets of soapy water.

Dear dog...she's not gonna turn me over to them?

But no, of course not. A nice lady named Stephanie came and got me and then her and Tina gave me a very fine bath and nice towel dry, they were so nice to me, and on a hot Hawaii day the bath felt really nice.

And then I found out that my dog bath got a donation for the doggies at the shelter. Wow, how cool is that.

I think Cindy should let SPCA give me my baths more often...we gotta check this out.


A wonderful Sunday morning!!!

October 11th 2009 11:10 am
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So Cindy woke up early enough this morning to really cook breakfast...and she made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and made enough to give me n' Barney some...then she went with her coffee to go sit watching TV (golf is on, something about President's Cup)...and me n' Barney got to have chew sticks and sit with her on the sofa and be scratched and petted while we muched away.

You know...ever since quarantine...ever second we are together as a pack, every laugh we share, every time I get to just lay against her and feel her scent really strong and feel her heartbeat...well, those are all very precious moments now.

Not bitter about quarantine or anything, cuz we just had to do it to stay together...but it sure does make a dog appreciate the little things in life even more.

I hope we have many many many more Sunday mornings like this.


The end of our long strange trip....

October 10th 2009 12:28 am
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I don't know if anything makes four months in dog prison "worth it" but the dynamic dog duo had one hell of a fine time romping all over Haleiwa Beach which we had pretty much all to ourselves when Cindy took a day off and drove us out there. We knew it was someplace special right away, cuz Cindy used to think about taking us there and talk to us about it in quarantine. I had been to the ocean before but not first, he was really puzzled by the big ocean and the waves, but then he got so excited about exploring stuff he just ran and ran and ran with me. Even on our flexi leads, it felt like thw whole earth and sky were open to us, that we could run forver. And then, Barney saw this lady doing something called "stand up paddling" (paddling on a surfboard). He got so excited about that he actually ran into the waves like he was gonna swim to her...but of course Cindy pulled him back. The Stand Up Paddly lady laughed at Barney and said he was cute. Barney wants Cindy to learn that...but she says she knows Barney's just gonna be a joy rider though.

Running on the sand, dancing with the waves, digging in the, that stuff really was like all my dreams for the days in quarantine about what I wanted to do came true at one time...

The long strange trip is done, we are really in our new home now...


Ode to Freedom - end of quarantine!!

September 10th 2009 1:34 am
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To be free,
Free at last,
To run on grass,
To dig in dirt.

To roll in real shade
Kicking all paws
To eat leisurely and savor my food

To sit on the couch
And steal Cindy's popcorn
To be there for every "good morning"
And "good night"

To watch over my person
And be with her
To look all around and see no bars.


Doggie Liberation Day has come!!!

August 28th 2009 1:50 am
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Barney and me walked out of the dog jail (quarantine) with Cindy this past Saturday, and life has been too wonderful for barks...we have a nice little yard all our own, we can watch people going along the walking path and even see kids in the playgroud. There's all kinds of places to go walking and exploring, and trees, real trees, real big ones with lots n lots of shade underneath.

And all that lovely grass and dirt... a dog can really get their paws down in it and scuff up a good cloud of dust, you know...and after so long living on concrete, that is just wonderful. Me n' Barney have some good contests about who can kick up the most dust!

We've found a few cats...still looking for one of them mongoose critters even though Cindy said she's NEVER gonna let us close to one of those.


Soon...very soon...

August 19th 2009 1:24 am
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Cindy came today, like usual...but she was actually dancing and singing and she said two more visits to jail and then she'd be taking us home...

OH MY PAW!!! We're gonna be free! At last at last!!

Oh what to do first...

Dig in a cat...go swimming....ride in the car...yes, yes, ride in the car...far far away from quarantine.

Gotta remember to say goodbye though, these folks been nice to me n Barney...but I'm gonna say it on the run.

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